Jackson: Friend or Foe

By: Kayla Vargas

Is Jackson a Best Friend or Worst Enemy

Even though Jackson did some bad things as President, like making the Indian Policy, doesn't mean he was a bad President. For example, when a new tariff was made, the Southern states, like South Carolina, didn't like it. So vice president, John C. Calhoun, started the Nullification Crisis by calling the tariff illegal. Jackson got very angry and set up a Bill to make all of it be gone. He also thought the Bank of the United States benefited the wealthy more than the poor and common people. So, he decided to get rid of the bank and make single state banks.

The Indian Removal Act

One thing I don't like that Jackson did was the making of the Indian Removal Act. Jackson followed people's arguments of the Indians being on great lands to grow crops on. So, Jackson decided to make the Indian Policy. It aloud Jackson to remove the Indians to a different spot. The major tribe was the Cherokee. They had to take the trail known as the Trail of Tears.

The Trail of Tears

Once the Cherokee were rounded up, they headed to the place they were aloud to stay at. Some rode in wagons, some on horses, but most of the Cherokee walked on foot. They weren't aloud to bring anything with them but the clothes on their backs. Most died in the winter like this. That is why it was called the Trail of Tears. Because many loved ones died on the way.