A.T.O.M STEM Academy Monthly News

October Edition

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Hope all is well with our Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School STEM FAMILIES!!! The first month of school flew by and we want to extend our gratitude to you and your family for making it a success! One thing COVID-19 has taught us all is how to adapt to the situation and overcome it together (even when that entails adhering to the "Social Distancing expectation and a need to wear a Mask"). Our students are resilient and it starts at home, We are Virtually Unstoppable!!!

As you know, your daughter and/or son is a student in our brand new A.T.O.M STEM Academy! The A.T.O.M STEM Academy is a first-year pilot program for upcoming 6th-grade students. After months of planning and hard work, our 6th Grade STEM teachers are ready to engage your student in deeper level thinking, inquiry-based instruction, and project-based learning to make the experience relevant and meaningful.

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What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Our STEM Academy fosters a love of these four disciplines by integrating them into our content areas. STEM focuses on hands-on and relevant learning experiences for our students. It engages students and helps establish connections between the school, workplace, community, and the global economy. Each lesson ties directly into the curriculum and focuses on the 5C’s of the Profile of a Virginia Graduate: Collaboration, Creativity, Critical thinking, Citizenship, and Communication. Students model the Engineering Design Process by Asking themselves what is the problem, Imagining possible solutions, Planning materials, Creating a prototype, and thinking of ways to Improve through redesigning.

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Please remember No Cell Phone, Hangout chats, or ZOOM Chats during class

We need all students to follow MLK's cell phone policy. Students should not be using their cell phones or any other communicative app/device during instructional time unless it is a part of the teacher's lesson. At MLK, we aim to provide every student with a world-class education and we cannot achieve this if students are occupied texting or chatting during class. Thanks for your assistance with this.

Check this very motivating and #STEMtastic video out (SEE BELOW)

STEM Motivational Video

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We are here for our students, families, and community! We want to continue to strengthen our family and community partnerships for the well being of our scholars.