News from 1A

Week of March 23rd-27th

1A Loved the Fort Worth Science Museum!!

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Coming Up Next Week

-Monday March 23rd- P.E. Day (wear tennis shoes)

-Tuesday March 24th- Music & Library Day

-Wednesday March 25th- P.E. Day (wear tennis shoes)

Website Wednesday


-Thursday March 26th- Art

-Friday March 27th- P.E. Runners Club (wear tennis shoes)

End of 9 weeks

Fort Worth Science Museum!!

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Learning how plants grow through blendspace. Have your child show you these awesome sites where they do independent learning.

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Boosterthon Kickoff! Thanks to everyone who is getting pledges and helping to raise money for our school!!

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What are we learning?

ELA focus: R Controlled vowels: -ar, -er, -or, -ir, -ur

Math: Using Make A Ten to solve probems: 7+6- make a 10 by splitting up the 6 into 3+3. Now I have 7+3+3 which is 10+3 and that =13!

Science: Plants!! We will be planting our grass seeds!

Social Studies: Inventors! Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell

Learning our new math strategy--Fact Families!!

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Spelling Words

This week our spelling words will all be with r-cntrolled vowels or bossy r words. We will be learning about these all week.

Spelling List:

1. barn

2. arm

3. paper

4. finger

5. bird



9. turn

10. hurt

Thanks to everyone who came to open house. I loved seeing the kids show you all their hard work!!

New Math Games!

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March Birthdays

March 7th- Landon

March 21st- Yaseen

Another one of my AMAZING reading groups!! They were so excited to read the Pigeon book!

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Dates For Your Calendar

March 25th- Boosterthon Fun Run!! Kinder/First will run at 8:15!!

April 3rd- Report Cards

May 1st- Cluster Showcase!!

Thanks to everyone for all their thoughts and prayers as I was out Friday with my daughter Reese. The doctors told us that she is perfectly normal and everything that is going on with her legs she will outgrow!! We are very relieved and thankful!!!

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