The Boy Who Saved Baseball.

Reid H


Never ever give up on something even when it is difficult.

Cruz de la Cruz

My favorite charatcer is Cruz because he is determined, energetic, funny, and most of all he loves baseball. He is not cocky or stuck up, but he is a team player. He might be a figment of the players imagination though.


I think that Tom changed in a positive way because he was more confident at the end of the story, he was way better at baseball, and he was able to see the ball better at the end of the story. Plus he liked Maria.


I think the climax of the story was when the whole team got the awesome  video simulater to work and when Cruz was hitting towering homers. Then everybody started to hit better, even little Cody.

My Hero

My Dad is my hero, because he teaches me a lot about how to work hard and he doesn't spoil me. I think he is funny too because he tells me lots of jokes. He is the baseball coach too so that is really fun. My dad even showed me how to skin a deer, awesome!