A Love Like This....

Is What Ms. Sasha Needs !

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Kim & Sasha's Story....

Sometimes, you'll see shelter dogs choose a preferred kennel or play mate and a love affair seems to ensue. It's comforting to know that in a less than ideal setting, they've found a friend to bond with.

However when, as a volunteer, a dog chooses YOU as it's best friend, it's equal parts heartening and soul wrenching. We simply can't take them all home!

This is Kim and Sasha's story. Sasha has chosen Kim with a laser focused determination - and that is no exaggeration. Her eyes follow Kim's every move, she's calm and content when with her and she cries for her when she leaves. Imagine how hard it is for Kim to leave her in the shelter - but she has no choice as she already has a full house.

Sasha needs to find her own true love. Someone who she can adore and bond with, who she can quietly hang with or take long walks with. Sasha may look a little white in the face but she's still young, muscular and energetic. A lovely mix of youth and maturity. She's an easy dog who gets along well with everyone and with other dogs too.

Looking for a dog to create a strong bond with, who will be your steadfast companion? A dog who will adore you if you show her the attention and affection she deserves? Then Sasha's for you! Not only will you give Sasha a forever home, you'll help Kim sleep at night. After all, leaving this quality girl behind in the shelter on these cool winter nights is keeping her awake.

Come meet Sasha. Kim can tell you all about her :)

  • Pit Mix
  • 6 Years Old
  • Good With Other Dogs (but slow intros always recommended)
  • Good With Kids
  • Not Tested With Cats
Sasha's At Clay County Animal Control !

To hear about Sasha from Kim - just comment below.