Youth joining gangs.

By; Adreana Munoz

Why do kids join gangs?

I think kids are joining gangs because they don't have families and they want to feel loved.

Current Issues.

Many kids join because they want to look up to there family members that were already in the gangs. Kids that are in the gangs get access to illegal drugs. Gang members also promise kids that they will be protected in the streets.

Problems In Chicago.

In Chicago, there has been 12-14 incidents that are gang related every week. Chicago is known as a war-like zone in the United States. Many people are killed because of gang violence and gun violence in Chicago.

Pay Attention!

Many kids that are homeless and runaway join gangs for protection.Kids that aren't payed attention at home there mostly likely to join gangs. Also,kids that are treated bad and abused at home join gangs because they want a brotherhood.

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