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Can you believe our first nine weeks are over? Time flew by! We had a great week of learning at WSES. The kids are excited about all we do.

In Letterland we focused on Giant All. We sang the “all song” this week and the kids loved it! We read a poem about Giant All and learned the Letterland story for him. Ask your child if he/she can share Giant All’s story with you. We also covered ourselves with "all" words. The kids had a blast with that!

This week we focused on Fall. We read several non-fiction books about Fall to help learn information about this awesome season. One of our favorites was Awesome Autumn. This book taught us lots of information about Fall. Our objective was to retell key details of a text. On Thursday we began creating a Glog to share all the changes that happen in Fall; this also helped us learn about text features: headlines, photographs, and captions. Check it out below this section. Then to have a little fun, we created a fall tree with construction paper and finger painting. After we created our art project we used our Glog to write an informational writing about Fall on beautiful Autumn leaves. These are hanging in our classroom and look great; check out the picture above! To wrap up our lesson on Fall we read a fun fiction story titled: Fall Mixed Up. This was such a cute story that shared many of the Fall changes, but things were a little mixed up. The children were able to use the illustrations and the details from the story to share what was all mixed up!

Next week we are going to focus on adjectives or describing words. We have a cute monster project to do and we will be using pumpkins to learn about adjectives. We will have Pumpkin Day on Friday. For this fun day we will need some pumpkins of course. If you are able to send in any of the following please let me know: 5 to 6 pumpkins, 4 pumpkin pies, 3 tubs of cool whip, plates, napkins, forks, and juice boxes.

We are also going to be tie-dying our class shirts next week. Some parents have expressed an interest in having a shirt tie-dyed as well. Typically the dye that I buy is just enough for the kids' shirts and mine and Mrs. Ratliff. I am happy to share the colors that we are using so you can buy a kit to do a shirt of your own if you'd like. Thanks for understanding.

This week in Math we continued to focus on relating addition to subtraction. We worked hard on setting up equations from story problems and using number lines, math mountains, and counting on to solve these problem types. We had fun math stations to help us practice this skill. Many of the kids did great as they worked through these. Next week we will begin focusing on subtraction.

Conferences wrapped up this week. Thank you to everyone for attending your conference and showing such great interest in your child’s learning. You guys are great advocates for your children and together I know we will be able to help your child make tremendous growth! Remember report cards go home today. Please look over your child's and let me know if you have any questions. Also, remember to return the signed envelope on Monday so that we can use it again for 2nd quarter.

Please take the time to read the notes section at the bottom of the newsletter as their is some important information for you all.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

~Ms. Gower

Congratulations Justus!!!

The kids have been working hard taking AR tests. This week we celebrated our first student to reach 5 pts. Congratulations to Justus! He earned a reward and got his owl on our AR board. I am so proud of him and all the kids' reading. Others are close to reaching the first goal. Keep it up!


  • Fall Party- We have some great parents planning our first class party. Please try to come and join us for this fun event. It will begin at 9:45 on Oct. 14th.

  • Pumpkin Day- I listed some items needed for Pumpkin Day in the IN THE NEWS section of this newsletter. Our Pumpkin day is on Friday. Please email me if you can help send any of those items in.

  • Volunteers- We will begin with volunteers next week. I sent home days/times to those parents who expressed an interest in helping. We are excited to have you.

  • Spirit Week- Are you ready to celebrate our great school with Spirit Week? This begins on Oct. 17th. Here is what each day is: Monday is PJ and stuffed animal day. Your child can come dressed in his/her jammies and bring a small stuffed animal. Tuesday is Twisted Tuesday so your child can come dressed all mixed up and not matchy. Wednesday is crazy hair day. I cannot wait to see the silly hairstyles and colors that come in. Thursday is Team Pride day. Wear a jersey or shirt that represents your favorite team. Friday is costume day or what we call Freaky Friday. Your child can wear his/her Halloween costume, but please remember no blood, weapons or coverings that may disrupt their day.

WSES- Embracing the needs of every child!

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