Welcome to 6th grade :)

By Emma Tannehill

Welcome to you're first year of middle school .

Starting to middle school is very difficult but all of middle school is not difficult . Middle school is very easy if you know what you are doing . Wants you start figuring out things in middle school middle school is very easy .


Lockers for me was the most scary thing for middle school , My biggest fear was that i was not going to be able to open my locker . Towards the beginning of the year i had a lot of trouble opening my locker but after about a week of school i was perfectly comfortable opening my locker i use it every day now , I know that you are scared for you're lockers but they are not that hard i promise .

Strike System

The strike system is a system that starts you with 0 strikes , each time an assignment isn't turned in or you have misbehaved you are given a strike . At the end of the year a reward is given to you if you did not strike out through out the whole year which means you have less than 10 strikes through out the whole year .

Each teacher has a different way of doing things.

In elementary you have one teacher throughout the whole day which also means you're in one class room all day . Another big change from elementary to middle school is changing classrooms every hour . Each day you have the same classes which is 52 minutes a day . You have three minutes in between class to get to you're next class .

The people you hang out with .

The people you start the beginning of the year with will most likely change by the end of the year . In middle school the people you hang out with is a big part of what you do or who you are in middle school . Hanging around with a good group of kids is a very important thing to do in middle school .
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