Capital: Saint Georges

Background Information

Grenada is a popular country, and it's major cities are Gouyave and Sauters. It was once controlled by Britain in the 1900's. It gained independence in 1974 and is not owned by another country. English is the official language of Grenada, and it is a parliamentary democracy.

Geographical Information

Grenada is off the Caribbean Island located between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Some main physical features are Mount St.Catherine, The Great River, and Levera Pond.

Grenada Pink and Black sand beaches

Economic and Trade Information

Imports and Exports

The currency of Grenada is East Caribbean dollar. They import food, manufactured goods, machinery, chemicals, and fuel. They import their goods from Trinidad, the U.S. and China.

They export nutmeg, bananas, cocoa, fruit, vegetables, clothing, and mace. They export these goods to Nigeria, St.Lucia, Antigua, St.Kitts, Dominica, and Switzerland.

Tourist Information

People should visit Grenada because they are on good terms with most countries, they have black and pink sand beaches and other rare natural sights. Tourists should visit Lance, Aux Epines, Carricau Island, and Grand Anse.