Labeling Gentically Modified Foods

Why should GMF's be labeled?

What is genetically modified food?

Genetically modified food is crops, or fruits or vegetables that have been changed gentically to contain something it wouldn't naturally have. For example, some tomatoes are injected with a gene from an artic fish so that it will not freeze and will stay fresh longer.

What are the benefits for GMF's?

There are many benefits to GMF's. In many cases nutrients that we need are added into these foods. For example, there is beta-carotene added to rice, which stimulates production of vitamin A. Lack of vitamin A causes blindness in 500,000 children and 2 million deaths annually. Another advantage for GMF's are their conservatives, because our foods are able to ship all over the world and get to us before they spoil.

What are the risks or GMF's?

In many countries, such as Austrailia, GMF's not only are labeled but are completely banned. They have not yet been proven safe to eat and that are known to cause unsuspected allergic reactions. For example, a Brazilian nut gene has been put into non-nut products and have been causing allergic reactions on consumers and these reactions are difficult to trace.

Should GMF's be labeled in the U.S.?

In my opinion, GMF's should be labeled in the United States because I think it is unfair that as consumers, we are buying products that we think are safe, but really contain unexpected genes that we are feeding our bodies. If we knew what certain products contained we probably would not buy them but I think I would be a benefit for companies because if anything does happen and consumers do have a reaction to their products, they will not be held responsible .