My Best Friend , My Mom

By: Priscilla Santiago

Fast Info

Name: Marta Madrid

D.O.B: June 9,1980

Live: Charlotte ,NC

How I Know This Person

I know this person because she is my mom, the one who has begin there since the beginning of my life.

Why Is This Person Your HERO

My mom is my hero because she has done a lot for me. She has pushed me to do my best to give 100% and she is like the person i look up to.

How Has This Person Made A Positive Impact In My Life

She has made a positive impact in my life because she tells me to ignore the bad people that come in my life and bother me and has told me to do good things now so it will pay off in the future.

How Could I Be More Like Them

I can be more like her by good things but even better and to try hard like she did.