Didymosphenia geminata

Physical Description

Feels like wet cotton and isn't slimy it is generally brown , tan or yellow in color. Firmly attached, doesn't fall apart when rubbed between fingers.


Northern Europe and northern North America

Method of tansportation

It can stick to waders, boots, boats, clothing, lures, hooks, fishing line and other equipment and remain alive for several weeks even in seemingly dry conditions.

Last seen

Currently found in Europe (Scotland, Poland) and it is spreading throughout the Northwest U.S. It is also in Quebec and British Columbia.


Didymo can alter the diversity and distribution of native stream species and may have negative consequences on how stream ecosystems function. It can also affect trout and other fish by limiting their food.


Use the "inspect, Clean, and Dry" method to limit the spread of it or equipment and gear can also be placed in a freezer until all moisture is frozen solid.
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