Impressive pyramid

The size of the Egyptian pyramid is impressive.

It took a lot of hard work and effort to complete.

There are many steps involved to build this historical site.

First they start to prepare to build the pyramid. They transport the stones they had no trucks,trains or wagons.

So they used boats. When the boats arrived then they started to cut the stones

There were no modern tools like drills or saws.They used copper chisels and wooden wedges to

Cut the stones.

Next they placed the stones they drilled holes at regular intervals.

They put stakes in the holes to put other stones on top. Then they used ramps

They were like spiral stairs that went around the pyramid to help them get higher.

After that they used a sledge like a sled it had no wheels platform had skies on the bottom of the sledges this work well for them to move the stones easier.

The size of the pyramid was 13.5 acres. It was the size of 10 football fields

It seems very impossible but they did it.

The pyramid took a lot of work and progress

To build. The size and shape of the pyramids is impressive and I think they did a good job.

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Pyramid tools