F-35 and The Cost of War

By: Michael Atkiels

Budget used for Planes

Planes Prices for military personnel have skyrocketed after the creation of the F-35. The cost of an estimated helmet is $400,000 provided from a fox news reporter. Not only that but this whole program of plane advancements and production has cost more than 389 billion dollars. One plane is at an estimated cost of 7.4 billion dollars in total fees.

Money put to Use or Waste?

Hayes Brown wrote a article pertaining the money usage on F-35's. Usage on these planes is equal to the money used to buy ever homeless person in America a mansion.

Killing the Bystanders

The direct violence of american force has left Iraqi civilians continuously picking up the scrapes of their once peaceful lives. With the new advancements on the F-35 the death toll of Iraqi citizens will rise to thousands of men, woman, and children. Imagine being a farmer in the middle of Iraqi and one day your child goes out to play. Minutes later you hear a caravan passing by and your child standing at the door of it. Seconds later the jets swoosh above you is louder then your own heart beat. Missiles then hit the caravan and your child is obliterated by the blast radius. Imagine the pain of losing your child to a cause of action to try and stop the opposing group of rebels..... Heart breaking.
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