Medrano - December 2015

Giving "HOPE" To Our Future

As the semester ends


What a wonderful first semester. We have made amazing strides, our students have grown, our communities ties have become stronger, and I, Vincent Garcia, am extremely grateful!

At the time of this writing, we have 6 more days before winter break. Students are completing their ACPs in the morning, and will continue to be receiving instruction for the rest of the school day. Our ship is on the right path, continue heading in the same direction as we come to a close for this semester.

Staff will return on Monday, January 4th, students will return Wednesday January 6th. Briefly: PD on Jan 4th, Teacher work in your room day Jan 5th. A more detailed agenda will be sent before we leave for the break.

On Friday, December 18th, you may have a Winter Party in your classroom or as a grade level. Please make sure it is planned and thought out, and coordinated beforehand with any other staff members it will effect. Polar Express themes, etc., are acceptable as well.

Campus Accolades

Medrano Elementary UIL competition team has earned two spots in different events in the Top 3 Positions at the event on Saturday December 5th. They have worked hard and shown what our students can do, Way to Go!! And a big Thank you to Laureano for organizing the teams!

We have a District Top 100 Teacher with us; a Congratulations to Mr. Camaraillo for earning recognition for high quality instruction! Thank you for representing Medrano!

As of Dec 10th, 10:40 am, our campus has a 75% Climate Survey participation rate (see pic below). If we achieve a 90% by Friday, the last day to complete the survey, staff may wear jeans during last ACP week. If we achieve a 96% participation rate, we can wear jeans the first week of January as well!

International Baccalaureate (IB) Elementary - I am very pleased on the positive response on our intial brief discussion of becoming an IB Elementary school! I believe that even the consideration of this process for our campus shows that we are on-board for becoming the Flagship Elementary school for our Feeder, District, and State.

Thank you Garza-Garcia for researching some initial aspects of this process. Below are some links to get us started on what this process entails, the program itself, and to identify if it is aligned with our goals and mission.

International Baccalaureate Elementary (Primary Years Program)

Student Benefit

Becoming an IB School

Teacher Benefit

Before we break ...

As mentioned above, students still need to be in High Quality Instructional settings all next week. Please ensure your lesson plans are submitted - due by Thursday, submitted to T Drive by 9am on Friday. Our students need us prepared.

First week in January: lesson plans due by Tuesday January 5th for the first week, and due Thursday January 7th for the 2nd week and on. If there are any Lesson plans or expectation concerns, please let Dr. Garcia know.

Due before Dec 18th, complete the acknowledgement of the district employee handbook. Step-by-step instructions to complete acknowledgement.

Data Chats will be Wednesday and Thursday next week - you will receive an Outlook invitation for your specific date by tomorrow, Friday. In preparation, please be able to answer:

1) In regards to fall semester student summative evaluations, what achievement trends do you notice,

2) Identify strengths you believe will be demonstrated in upcoming ACP data and scores,

3) where are the needed areas of focus that might be illuminated in ACP student achievement.

4) Share your reflection electronically with your CIC by 8am on Tuesday, December 15

*if you have any questions, please see me or your CIC before Dec 15th.

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