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Important To-Know and To-Do Information

Based on the feedback received from our FIT Team and our survey, we are adding this section to the Raptor News so you are better informed. Please make sure you read this section as it contains important information about Stuart.

To Know:

  • Quarter 1 is ending on October 21st*
  • Quarter 2 begins October 22nd
  • Picture Re-Takes on October 22nd & 23rd*
  • Social-Emotional Common Assessment October 22nd & 23rd
  • Family Involvement Team - October 23rd at 8:00 AM - Click HERE for link
  • Classified Employee Week - October 19th - 23rd

To Do:

  • Take the Climate/Culture Survey HERE *
  • Make sure your Raptor knows his/her new schedule.*
  • Participate in Family Involvement Team on October 23rd at 8:00 AM HERE

*Additional information below.

What If We Are Shutdown and Sent Home?

We are aware that with positive COVID-19 cases increasing in the State of Colorado and Adams County, there is a possibility that schools will be required to close. Stuart has been preparing for this since July. Our programming allows for flexible transition between remote, hybrid, synchronous and asynchronous learning. If we are forced to close NOTHING changes. Students simply move to remote learning and follow the exact same schedule they currently have. The only difference will be that instead of walking into a physical classroom, students will "walk" into a virtual classrooms. Same teachers, same schedule, same link, same Academic Adviser...nothing changes. We planned with this possibility in mind.

We are committed to minimizing disruptions to our learning. We will be prepared to transition to remote or back to hybrid at a moment's notice.

Last Chance Stuart - We Can Do This!

We need your support in completing the Fall 2020 Parent Survey. The results of this survey will help us better meet your needs and the needs of YOUR Raptor. Please take a few minutes to complete. Results of previous survey have already helped us improve our practice (including this newsletter). We need to get to at least 400 parents responding. We are currently at 240...we need 160 more of you to take it. If we get to 400 parents, our staff will get a food truck. A food truck at Stuart can seriously help with school morale. So, please help us get to that goal!

Your feedback directly impacts your Raptor. Changes we have made thanks to your feedback (according to the Student Advisory Council) are:

  • Teachers are much more responsive to students when they are emailed.
  • Workload in Social Studies and Exploratories have decreased significantly.
  • Steps to turn in assignments have been simplified.
  • Students feel they are receiving more academic support.

HERE is the link to the survey.


Thank you!

Quarter 2 Transition

Quarter 2 will start Thursday, October 22, 2020. Language Arts and Math classes will remain the same with no changes. Students will have new Exploratory classes (with the exception of Band, Choir, and AVID). Students will also switch Science and Social Studies classes. If your student has a Science or Social Studies teacher as an adviser this quarter, they will also switch advisers. This switch is maintain our layers of protection with access to 3 adults a day.