Technology Integration

Philosophy Statement

Paramus Catholic Philosophy Statement

  • The curriculum and teaching strategies will continue to challenge each student to develop deep and broad perspectives in the sciences, humanities, and the arts
  • Faculty will elucidate the learning of each student through the synergy of creative teaching and the latest technologies
  • Paramus Catholic will not rest on its traditions of the past. It has adapted to the changing needs of its students. It will continue to adapt and to set new horizons for its future
  • A Virtual Learning Desktop has been implemented to provide anywhere, anytime access to the school’s data network. This environment is available 24 hours a day via our school website or from any of approximately 500 computer workstations in the school

Technologies that We Possess

  • Four computer labs furnished with the latest software technology
  • Writing and International Language Lab
  • Assisted Learning and Digital Video Editing Lab
  • Six Mobile Wireless Laptop Labs are also available for teachers to integrate technology
  • All classrooms have permanent LCD projectors and many have Electronic Whiteboards

PC believes that technology enhances instruction, but it cannot replace the creative interaction between teachers and students in a classroom

Requirements of Students

Requirements for the PC 1-to-1 iPad Program

  • Students must use an Apple iPad 2 or newer. iPods and iPhones are not acceptable substitutes. Laptops, including Apple Macbooks are not permissible.

  • The requirement for Apple iPads is based on the need for a unified platform.

Personal Technology Philosophy

This philosophy statement touches upon a lot of great things that our teachers foster in our school community. I agree that we seek to teach not only classroom knowledge, but want to encourage spiritual and emotional growth as well. I also agree that our students are clearly given a standard of behavior that the rules are articulated beforehand; allowing students to know what is expected of them.

I do feel that our school is making a lot of strides toward improving our incorporation of technology in the classroom. It is required that each student has their own tablet that is intended to be utilized throughout the day. In the arts department we use computer and graphic arts while also utilizing a 3-D printer which allows students the ability to program and design.

The statement concluding Paramus Catholic's Technology Statement truly embodies how I feel about my personal use with technology in the art classroom. I feel that nothing is more important than the teacher/student interaction and technology should be used as a supplemental tool.