Immigration In Our World

by Sarah Chagares

What is Immigration?

Have you ever thought about immigrants coming into our country and creating a life and job from scratch? Have you ever thought about where they originate from? I have. Do you know that millions of immigrants migrate to the United States each year? The statistics are still rising every second. More and more are piling in everyday, and becoming successful and getting a good job is getting harder and harder to get in our modern world.

Immigration and How the United States Immigration System has Broken

In 2013, about 41.3 million immigrants lived in The United States. Think about this: since there were so many immigrants in the US, immigrants took up about a seventh of the population. That's not a lot, but over the years with recent terrorist attacks and several other gruesome times where people have had to evacuate their homes and separate from their families they had to migrate to our country. Due to this, there has been hundreds of thousands of people living in tiny barbed wire boxes not even with a roof over their head. Because of this, there are way too many refugees flooding our country, which people don't like so they start protests. This is where everything gets askew. Our government has tried to provide homes for these adults and children to at least survive in, but it's just not working.

How could this Affect The United States?

Many things have changed since this immigration crisis. Many people think that it is destroying our country's economy and not helping with the unemployment crisis and overpopulation crisis. Maybe immigrants will affect your future pay because too many will come into our country and lower the economic rate. Or, maybe they won't take our jobs and won't affect us too much. You may think this, but our government is concerned and is trying to listen to what everybody is saying about what they think they should do.

What are the Different Opinions About Immigration?

On the topic of immigration, there are many different opinions. They agree that immigrants should be not allowed into our country because they think it is not good because of the high unemployment. They also think that the economy is decreasing and will continue to decrease because of the immigrants migrating here. The other side believes that immigrants are enriching our culture and society and we should allow as many as we can. They agree that immigrants bring new and innovative ideas and they help the global economy. These people have also found that immigrants should not be blamed for overpopulation. On the topic of immigration, there are many opinions and doubts.

How Has Our Country Reacted to this Madness?

The first step that our country took was putting the immigrants in tiny, barbed wire areas without even a roof on their heads. Thousands of millions were piled into these small places with many other people. The government has tried to come up with lots of different ideas that would suit everyone, but still, people are fighting and agreeing that their opinion is "correct."

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