Friedell Middle School

September 21 - 25

The Week Ahead!

Here is the Schedule/Day Calendar for this next week! Please know you can always call the office if you are unsure of what day it is, or what classes you have! You can also look in Google Classroom for that information!

September 21 - B Day 2 (Class periods 4, 5, 6, 7)

September 22 - A Day 1 (Class periods 1, 2, 3, Advisory)

September 23 - A Day 2 (Class periods 4, 5, 6, 7)

September 24 - B Day 1 (Class periods 1, 2, 3, Advisory)

September 25 - B Day 2 (Class periods 4, 5, 6, 7)

Students have access to a form in their grade level Google Classroom that they can update with their schedule for the week. We are including another version of that document here, but please know students may need to use their account to open the document!

Attendance Updates

Parents and Students,

We have had many questions around attendance lately, and we hope to clear some things up here! Please note that even during Distance Learning (DL), we do need to know about all absences.

Absence reporting at Middle School is different than Elementary or High School. To make certain we are communicating effectively, we do need parents to communicate all absences through the office in some way. We cannot have things handled through the teacher, unless it is correcting an attendance mistake. (A student would work with a teacher to fix an absence if they were in class and had been marked absent would be an example of when to handle things through the teacher.)

One specific item that has come up is when students need to leave early for any reason. Our office should still be notified of absences when students need to miss the last part of a class, and that does include Advisory.

We do hope to make things easier for parents by offering an online absence reporting through Skyward. We have created a video that takes you through reporting absences in Skyward!

A final note about attendance for students. Our class blocks are around 85 minutes. We are working to not have the students on the class for the entire 85 minutes, but only for the time they need to complete the expected school assignments and learning. Ideally, teachers will give students time to complete their work, or time to read, which can be done while not logged into the Google Meet. Teachers will continue to be available in the meets for the full duration of the class period.

Friedell Updates - Middle School Changes

Many families are aware that the School Board took action on Tuesday night to have Friedell, the current site, to stop hosting Middle School Students after the 2021-2022 school year. This has been a topic the board has been discussing for the past few months at study sessions, as well as during board meetings.

Please know that we will communicate with families about the impending changes when we have that information. Currently, we will continue to function as we have for this school year, and next based on what we know. If you have specific questions about Friedell, and the future, please feel free to contact Mr. Lundak at or by calling the office at 507-328-5650.

If you would like additional information about the changes, our district does have that available on the website. We have included a direct link here if you would like to see that information.

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What if my student's iPad or electronic device does not always work?

We are seeing some tech issues with our iPads. Most often the issue with the iPad is that is has not been updated to the newest OS (Operating System). This can be done by anyone using the iPad.

The most common errors we are seeing can be fixed by doing 3 things:

1) Update the iPad to OS 13.6 (or newer)

2) reinstall Google Meets app from Self Service

3) reinstall Google Classroom app from Self Service

If this does not help the iPad, please contact the Friedell Office. We are glad to help over the phone or set up an appointment. We can either have you stop by school, or we can come to your house and troubleshoot there!

We have recently added a number of Parent Tutorials about Google to our district supports. If you would like to check some of those out, please follow this link!

Check Out Our Community Education Offerings!

All of our Middle School Community Education classes have started, but it is not too late to join! Please know that most opportunities are offered free of charge!

This year, to help with flexibility in schedules, there are evening classes to support Math, Science, and English! Feel free to sign up on the Community Education Site! The specific Friedell classes are in the document below!

Students, and Families that are interested can also contact their Advisory teacher to get the Google Classroom codes!

We hope that you can consider taking advantage of this evening opportunity!

Our Library is OPEN!!!

During the Distance Learning (DL) our Friedell Library is still open for students to check out books! Please see this information below, or at this link, on how to check out a book from the Friedell Library!

Please do not let getting a book be a barrier! We are now making weekly deliveries on Wednesdays. You can check out a book any day, but we will work to deliver books that have not been picked up yet each week on Wednesday!

In addition to checking out books from our library, please remember we have thousands of eBooks available on the student iPads. If you are interested in this option, please follow this link!

Notes from our Health Office

We encourage you to refer to the district’s Coronavirus Information Page at for up to date information as well as essential resources. If you or your student will be coming on campus for any reason, we are asking everyone to complete an at home screener to keep everyone safe and healthy. For your reference, here is the at home screener:

If you are calling in your child due to illness, we do ask you note any and all symptoms your child is experiencing. This is important information as we continue to work with public health to keep our community safe and healthy.

More than ever before, it is important everyone 6 months of age or older receive an flu vaccination. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a rough flu season could cause serious issues for our community, further reducing school attendance and stretching our health care resources. As a reminder, there will be no flu vaccination clinics for the 2020-21 school year. Please call your provider or public health to discuss. Of note, there are also many pharmacies offering flu vaccinations in the community.

Weekly School Information

Each week we will send out information that directly applies to the following week of school!

The letter and number days for next week are below! If you would like to see a more comprehensive school calendar, you may do so on the district website or with this link! There are a few calendars, but you most likely want to look at the Middle School Block Schedule Calendar.

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