Old Yeller

By Fred Gipson



This book is about Pa,Ma,Travis and Arliss who live on Birdsong Creek in the Texas hill country.Life on the farm wasn't an easy life,they lived in a snug cabin Pa had built,raised their own hogs and cattle and grew what else they needed.In the late 1860's the family lacked money so a group of men and Pa decided to drive all the cattle up to the new market in Abilene,Kansas,over 600 miles away.Pa left Travis who's only fourteen in charge of the family and farm.One morning while Travis was doing his chores he went to the barn and found that their only meet had been eaten.While he was looking around he spotted a yellow dog in the corner.Travis's little brother Arliss came out and got very interested to the dog.A few days later Travis wanted to get reid of the dog because he relized the dog was going to be trouble for the family but his mother would not allow him because Arliss was attached to Old Yeller.After a few monthes everyone in the family became attached to Old Yeller.The family's cattle became sick and many had to be shot,the family started to notice Old Yeller acting weird.Travis began to think Old Yeller had the sickness the cattle did.As time went on Old Yeller became sicker and the family felt he needed to be but down.Travis then shot Old Yeller.


I chose this book because i had seen the movie and enjoyed it and wanted to know how the book was.My favorite part of the book occurred when the family all liked the dog and kept him.In my opinion,the book is a very good book.I liked the book because it was about a dog and i like dogs.I disliked the book because they shot the dog.Overall,i would rate the book highly because it was easy to follow and enjoyable.It would be recommended for young and old people.
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