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Cell phones are leading to failure in school

Did you know?

1. 65% of teens who are texters send more than 200 texts a day, or more than 6,000 texts a month.

2. Still, 65% of cell-owning teens at schools that completely ban phones bring their phones to school every day.

3. 86% of all students say they have their phone in class.

4. 64% of teens with cell phones have texted in class; 25% have made or received a call during class.

5. Teens today are spending up to 7-8 hours even more on Social Media.

Mind blowing.

Twitter- 232 million active users from their phone daily.

Instagram- 150 million active users from their phone daily

Facebook- 751 million people using facebook from their phone.

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Mackenzie Goff

Hi, I'm Mackenzie Goff. During Erica's process of her senior project she has been doing a series of tests on me to prove her point that cell phones are becoming a huge distraction in our every day lives and that they are affecting our grades. I usually spend a lot of class time and free time using my cell phone, for social media or to just be social. Erica and I decided to change my habits for one whole week and see how that would affect my test grades, vs what I usually do by not studying much and abusing the usage of my cell phone. For example week 1(where i did nothing differently) we had a Spanish test, I recieved a 42 on it. Then aferwards blammed my teacher for not "being a good teacher". Then Erica came to me and everyday during week 2 of Spanish class she would keep my phone with her, when I got home I put my phone away every night for an hour or longer just how ever much I needed. I used that time to study instead of being social or looking at pictures and then when bed time came around I kept my phone down stairs. At the end of week 2 we had another Spanish test on terms we had previously learned and new ones, I recieved a 95 on that test. Now I really do believe and understand how distracted I am by my cell phone and I will think twice before I want to take a scroll on twitter.

"want better grades, put your phone away. It's that easy"