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The latest and greatest from room 830.

Editor's Notes by: Lauren

The kids have worked very hard on this. Innovator's news is all kids creation. This week I loved our spotlight on veterans day. They did an introduction, poem and history. I also liked our chicken foot section it really helped with our essay. Thank you for this opportunity. Please enjoy innovator's news.

Sincerely, Lauren.

Academic Awesomeness

Chicken Foot By Addie and Madelyn

Do you know about the chicken foot? NO! not that chicken foot. This chicken foot helps you write your ideas on paper. We used a chicken foot for are DBQ essay. Ask me to show you a chicken foot when I get home. We hope you enjoyed our chicken foot article!!!!!

Crime Scene By: Caroline, Matthew, and Lalana

Hello we are the Sutton innovators. Today in academic awesomeness we will tell you about the crime scene. ... crime scene?! Well lets get started okay there were a lot of items . The items all had to be included in the story. The story was made up of 4 witness testimonies that made up the story. We learned a lot about point of view, anyway that was our skill too.Wait until our next activity pork court!

P.S the cops are on the case!

Upcoming Events by: Giancarlo

In the far, far future....just kidding, next Monday the Innovators have an evacuation drill. Don't panic it is just a DRILL!

We also have DE testing (11-18 reading and 11-19 for math) ahhhhh! sorry a tiny bit scary.

But 11-26 - 11-27 a break for Thanksgiving woop woop!And that is it for upcoming events .Giancarlo out

Spotlight on....Edmodo by: Amanda, Mason, and Josh G.

Hi everyone welcome to spot light on Edmodo. If you people forgot how to get on Edmodo here it is We like Edmodo because we can talk to each other online and because Mrs. Sutton can post quizlet for and vocab and spelling. Edmodo is good for asking questions and its sort of like a student facebook. On Edmodo you can make your own profile. It is also good for talking about school assignments and school work. Thanks for reading about Edmodo!!!

Go Chargers !

Reading corner by: Anna and Raahee

Hello! My name is Anna and my name is Raahee! We are going to tell you about why we recommend What Was the Boston Tea Party. We recommend this book because it tells you about the history of the Boston Tea Party and tells you events that effected the Revolutionary war.

Did you know ? By: Ayla, Sean A, and Bethany

We are writing about veterans day. Check out are facts about veterans. And a poem. Veterans day is celebrated on November 11th because world war 1 ended on the 11th month at the 11th hour. People have died serving the U.S.A. This is a poem.

Thank you veterans for all you do.

Thanks to you we didn't lose.

We honor those who died

we honor you in pride.

You worked so hard day and night.

You even had to go through fight.

Thank you veterans you did your best

now your body's will be put to rest.

Innovation by: Sean G, and Josh H.

Sean G is doing Donations to Wolfson"s children"s hospital for his innovation project. All donations are due on December 1st. We need: books,children's latex free bandaids, coloring books,playing cards,hot wheels cars,fuzzy posters,and 50 to 100 piece puzzles!!!!!!

The Sutton Scoop

Don't you love our new and improved newsletter format? I am so proud of the students' hard work! A big thank you to our Editor this week, Lauren. She kept everyone on deadline and motivated.

Interims have been uploaded into HAC. We are just beginning to assess in Science and there will be several more grades in Social Studies. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Here is what is coming up next week:

Language Arts - We will have a test on Point of View next Tuesday. We will be working on Piggy's Court (which I am sure will make it into the newsletter next week).

Math - We are continuing to work on multiplication and division. Students will test as they are ready.

Science - We are beginning our unit on Stars (including the Sun)

Social Studies - We are working on the Northeast Region. We are also starting our unit on Government.