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June 2019

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We have private access booked to the Track, Field and Pit Areas at Caraco Track at the Invista Center on Friday July 14th from 6:00-8:00. We have the Bayridge Secondary Athletic Leadership students as well as our own Lancaster Athletic Ministry ready to go with fun track activities - parents vs. kids events, obstacle courses, three-legged races, capture the flag, pit events, minute to win it stations. Lively music and an atmosphere of healthy activity and family connection is a great way to end off your week in June. We are so excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our families. Grab your water bottles and embrace an active lifestyle together with your child. Modelling and sharing this mindset can add years of life and life to your years! See you on Friday June 14th Lions!
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Upcoming Events

June 3 ~ Ultimate Game @ Welbourne

June 4 ~ Grade 6 (Cancian) overnight trip to Zoo

June 6 ~ Track Meet

June 7 ~ Bruder and Willoughby to Gymnastics club

June 11 ~ Grade 4&5 students to RKY Camp

June 12 ~ District Track & Field Meet @ Caraco Track (Invista)

June 13 ~ District Track Rain Date

June 14 ~ Volunteer Breakfast @ 7:45 and Sharing Assembly @ 8:45

June 14 ~ School Play Day

June 14 ~ Famiily Fun and Fit Night @ Caraco Track (Invista) 6:00-8:00


June 17 ~Vreeken Grade 6 class to Toronto Zoo

June 17 ~ Grade 7 & 8's to Camp Iawah

June 18 ~ Vreeken Grade 6 class at Toronto Zoo

June 18 ~ Grade 7 & 8's at Camp Iawah

June 19 ~ Grade 3’s to Upper Canada Village

June 19 ~ Grade 7 & 8's return from Camp Iawah

June 19 ~ Game Bling with Edward for Junior division

June 20 ~ Ultimate tournament Woodbine 8:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

June 20 ~ Game Bling with Junior Division

June 20 ~ Ultimate tournament raindate at Woodbine 8:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

June 21 ~ YMCA end of year trip - Powers, Willoughby, Jarbeau, Bruder, Salvary classes


June 25 ~ Grade 8 Graduation @ 5:15

June 26 ~ Report Cards sent home


June 27 ~ Popsicles from the PAC

June 28 ~ PA Day and Staff Meeting

** Thank you to our incredible staff and support from our parent volunteers for making these events and memories happen within a very full schedule as we wrap up the school year. : )

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Message from your Administrative Team

The Lancaster Team for 2019/20

We know that change is the one constant in life and that change often brings growth and new opportunities. As we near the end of the school year there are some staff changes to share with our school community.

We have a number of staff who have joined us this year in long term occasional teaching positions; Ms. Salvary, Mme. Vooys, Mr. Bruder, Mr. Strand and Ms. Searson. With the exception of Mr. Bruder who will stay on as Ms. Tidman transitions back to school on a part-time basis in the fall, these staff members will move on to new positions next year. They have been tremendous contributors to the strength of our staff and we wish them the very best as they move on in their professional journeys.

After many years of dedication and service, Ms. Megan Willoughby celebrates her retirement to enjoy time with her family and perhaps some travelling and adventure. This is a significant milestone and we thank her for the positive contributions she has made to the learning teams here at Lancaster as well as the lives of her students and their families. She leaves a legacy in our building with her dedication to building early literacy skills and self-regulation in our primary learners. Ms. Willoughby and Ms. Karen Heagle-McQuillan both celebrate their 25th year of service with the Limestone District School Board and will be recognized at our next sharing assembly. We are happy to share that Ms. Heagle-McQuillian will return in the fall as part of our Kindergarten team.

Mr. Chris Carlton has been a hallmark within our intermediate team and is well known for bringing smiles to the faces of staff in the building and building positivity, leadership skills, and strength of character in his students. Mr. Carlton has been successful in securing a position with Queen's University Faculty of Education in the fall. He will be sharing his love for the profession with teacher candidates as they prepare for their entry into the teaching profession. We thank him for all that he has done for our students and school life at Lancaster. We welcome Ms. Cara Metzger to the intermediate team next year.

We would also like to welcome Ms. Lindsay Dowker-Fisher and Ms. Michelle Kenyon who join us in our primary division. Ms. Dowdell returns from her self-funded leave and Ms. Tidman will begin part-time at the start of the school year.

On a final note, we also say heartfelt goodbyes and well wishes to Ms. Sara Wellwood as she carries on in her leadership journey at The Prince Charles Public School in Napanee in the fall as Vice-Principal. Ms. Wellwood's impact at Lancaster has been tremendous and we will greatly miss her energy, her vision and her ability to inspire those around her. We wish her the very best as she moves on to share her strengths with another school community. We extend a warm welcome to Ms. Carrie Moore who joins us from Bayridge Secondary School as our new Vice-Principal and Student Support Teacher. Ms. Moore comes to us with a strong background in special education as the current Head of Student Services and we are excited to have her join the team at Lancaster.

2018-19 has been a very full year. It has been our utmost pleasure to serve this school community and work so closely with staff, students and their families and see the growth that we foster together as partners in education. Every day is different and every heart and mind requires a unique balance of the various strengths that the staff at Lancaster have. We are fortunate to have the support of our parent community and the opportunity to teach, learn, lead, play and work together with our students in this profession. Even when met with challenges, we feel fortunate to tell others that indeed we do love the work we do. Have a wonderful summer Lancaster; make memories with family, soak up time with friends, and practice gratitude in the mix of it all...see you in the early days of September.

Your leaders in learning,

Lani Fox and Sara Wellwood

Saying Goodbye....

It is with a combination of sadness and excitement that I say goodbye as I move onto my new role as Vice Principal at The Prince Charles School in Napanee. I wish to express my gratitude to all Lancaster staff, students, and their families. I have been at Lancaster for 4 years - the longest I have been at any school in my career! Having had the experience of working in over a dozen schools across Ontario, I do know that Lancaster is special. I am proud to have worked and learned alongside a Staff who put kids first and who work tirelessly to promote student voice and champion wellness. I am proud to have worked and learned with students who have such a zest for life and a curiosity that will drive their success in whatever they choose to focus on. I am proud to have worked and learned alongside parents who are great advocates for their children. I am blessed to have worked with Principal, Lani Fox, who has been my mentor and who embodies the 3 pillars of LDSB - wellness, innovation, and collaboration. I feel very fortunate for all of the opportunities and experiences I have had here at Lancaster Drive.

Although I am saying goodbye as your Vice Principal, I will remain connected to the community as our 2 children continue to attend Lancaster. I look forward to running into you at the park or at a school event in the near future.

I hope you have a fun and safe Summer. Carrie Moore, your new Vice Principal, is very excited to start her journey with you. Her strengths as a Leader will have a positive impact on Lancaster.

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying Goodbye so hard.” - Winnie the Pooh


Sara Wellwood

Message From Your Parent Council Chair

Hello everyone

The sun is out and the temperature is starting to be a little more spring like. Students are walking or cycling to school now and excitement for summer is in the air.

Parent council has been active in many new areas with the motivation to represent all the parents and guardians in our community through positive action. This started in the fall with the adoption of our three-year plan to work in conjunction with our partners at every level.

Through this plan our council has successfully supported school initiatives in new educational tools, technology purchases, and social climate activities.

Your parent council is also very proud to have been a key shareholder in the discussion process for the upcoming site improvements to the front of the school. Council took part at every level during the decision-making process and ensured that parents voices and concerns were heard and acknowledged. Many improvements to the design were influenced by the members of the parent community and can be found in the final document that went to city council for approval.

Along with the site improvements to the front of our school building, parent council and the school administration were able to bring attention to the kinder yard drainage problems. The School Board took a leadership role in our concerns and after careful examination it was revealed that the storm sewer closest to the kinder yard is broken and needs repair. The School Board has committed to repairing the storm sewer concurrently with the front site improvements. This will bring about many future options for kinder site improvements.

Finally, to everyone who has made this year a success through their dedication and passion, the parent council would like to thank you. Without our community of teachers, staff, and volunteers, Lancaster would not be the wonderful place that we are all proud of.

Have a safe and fantastic summer

Thank you all

Mike Marchand

Parent Council Chair

School Organization for 2019-20

Creating class lists is a shared task by our team of educators who spend a significant amount of time getting to know your child, discovering their academic, social and emotional needs in educational settings both inside and outside of the classroom. Each year we want to build the best possible learning environments for all learners. Our school team considers a wide range of factors including overall number of students in each grade (if a split grade), student learning styles and personalities, number of boys and girls, academic strengths and needs, peer relationships, learning skills and work habits, and social/ emotional strengths and needs.

All classrooms, whether a single grade or a combined grade, include students performing at a wide range of achievement levels. We meet the needs of all learners in a classroom through differentiated instruction, with a focus on developing critical thinking skills, and by providing modifications and accommodations for various learning needs. In every case, Lancaster staff put a lot of thought into creating responsive classroom learning environments that will support the success of all students.

If you wish to make a request for class placement for next year we ask parents to communicate to your child's classroom teacher about his/her needs as a learner rather than a specific teacher's name. Teacher assignments can change for many reasons (illness, transfer, leave of absence, etc.) and what does not change are your child's needs. This sharing can serve to further inform our team of educators while creating classlists but does not guarantee a particular placement.

Please also keep in mind that our school organization may change before the first day of school, based on new registrations from families moving into our catchment area, or those who may have moved out of our catchment area over the summer. As a result, information about your child’s class placement will not be available until the first day of school.





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The Pride Flag Flys at Lancaster

School across the Limestone District School Board are recognizing Pride Week in Kingston with a variety of events and activities including flying the rainbow flag. Many of our students, staff, families and community members identify as members of the Rainbow or LGBTQ2S+ community. We fly the Pride flag and hold other events to demonstrate our commitment to our community that our schools are safe spaces for anyone, no matter who you are.

This is consistent with the Ontario Human Rights Code that protects marginalized groups from discrimination and harassment. We want everyone who learns, works or volunteers in our school board to feel safe and supported, and experience a sense of belonging in a caring learning environment. Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect including our LGBTQ2S+ community (LGBTQ2S+ refers to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning and Two Spirit. The + refers to people who identify as Intersex, Asexual or an Ally).

Each of our 10 secondary schools, and some of our elementary schools, have student-led groups to support gender and sexuality. These clubs are safe spaces for our students, staff, and allies of the Rainbow community to come together and discuss issues they may be facing and topics that matter to them. These groups are places that our students feel comfortable being themselves and can have open and honest conversations with their peers.

This year, the Board hosted its first Gender & Sexual Diversity Student Conference to allow LGBTQ2S+ students and allies to attend sessions on self-advocacy and connect with youth organizations such as the YGK Youth Pride Council.

There are gender-neutral washrooms in all of our schools and sites, and the Board continues to refine a support document with definitions and explanations regarding terms and pronouns that students may prefer for themselves. In our elementary schools, through the Health and Physical Education curriculum, students learn to understand and respect things that are the same and different from each other. This includes that not every family looks the same.

Our schools are committed to providing all of our students with a positive school climate. We know that when students feel safe and supported in a healthy, accepting and welcoming school climate, they have greater success. We want everyone to see themselves in Limestone.

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Traffic Project Scheduled to take place July-August 2019

The traffic project is planned to be initiated in early July 2019 with the aim of having the majority of the work completed before students return to school for the 2019-20 school year. Please note some of the modifications that will require patience and some changes in routine as we all become accustomed to the different traffic patterns and drop off options. Lancaster and Mother Teresa were initially constructed and planned to be "walking schools". When families and students choose to walk or ride to school this reduces traffic and congestion and increases student safety. The new plan was designed to address student safety needs and was developed in consultation with both school boards, a third party company who completed a traffic pattern survey, a parent survey, as well as data collection. The plan above incorporates community input, City of Kingston bylaw alignment and variances, as well as consultation with school board administration and facility services. While no plan will be an immediate solution, it is felt that some of the measures indicated here will serve to alleviate traffic congestion and address student safety in some of the areas of significant concern. As safety measures, a "kiss and ride" premise is supported with this plan and short term parking has been shifted to the rear-parking lot for parents who are picking students up for an appointment, attending a meeting, a field trip etc. A reminder as well that there are nearby cul-de-sacs with pathways leading into the schoolyard that are ideal options for dropping off and picking up your child. Lancaster and Mother Teresa will have staff present at the front of the schools to help with facilitating the plan. We ask that parents practice patience in the fall and consider how drop-off and pick-up patterns can be altered to support the safety of all students.
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What is Self-Regulation: how can I help grow it with my child?

There are three factors that affect self-regulation; sensory input, arousal level and personal strategies. Sensory input relates to how we interpret sensory information from our environments. Arousal level is our level of hightened sensitivity (high or low). Personal strategies relates to how effective our own calming strategies are for us.
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Lancaster Parent Council Fundraising

Parent Council Account Balance

The Parent Council account balance

as of May 31, 2019 is


Submitted by Lyndey Caves, Treasurer

Mabels Labels

Need labels for your kids belongings – simply hop onto and click on “support a fundraiser” scroll through until you see our school then do your shopping – 20% of all sales go to our school fundraising efforts – how easy is that!!

Cobb's Bread

Love tasty baked goods from Cobbs Bread?? Every time you visit Cobbs Bread Bakery at 770 Gardiners rd. in Kingston simply let them know you are supporting Lancaster School’s Fundraiser and they will donate 10% of your sale to us!

Let’s “Raise some Dough”!


You can now shop online at your favourite stores and fund raise for Lancaster! As part of our 2018/2019 Fundraising efforts, Parent Council is putting a 3 year plan in place to raise funds for schoolyard improvements for all divisions - primary, junior and intermediates. This is a significant project and will require a lot of hard work and dedication from our Parent Council, Staff and Community.

FlipGive allows us to earn cash back for our school for shopping online! There are dozens of retailers to shop with including Indigo, Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Old Navy, Sport Chek just to name a few. You can even earn cash back for the school when you purchase gift cards - great teachers gifts or stocking stuffers! Going out for dinner? Order your gift card online through FlipGive ahead of time and use it to pay for dinner....So easy & something you were going to do anyway!

How it works

This fundraiser will run all year around so check back each time you shop online to see if there is a participating retailer. For a full list of current retailers, click here.

Feel free to also share the link and code with family & friends - anyone can join our team! Every little bit helps. We appreciate your support.

  • Indigo - Gift Cards gives 15%, Shop Online gives up to 3%
  • Amazon - Shop Online gives up to 10%
  • Walmart - Shop Online gives up to 1%
  • Starbucks - Buy Gift Cards gives 2%
  • Old Navy - Buy Gift Cards gives 2%, Shop Online gives 5%
  • Sport Chek - Shop Online gives 10%
  • Ultimate Dining Gift Card - gives 7%
  • Jack Astor's - Buy Gift Cards gives 10%

Music Lessons

Lancaster is happy to share that our students are able to register for instrumental music lessons that take place in our school building during the school day. Please contact the music teachers directly if you are interested in registering your child/children for piano or guitar lessons.


Tanya Bezanson



Maria Boston

613. 384.1057


John Porter


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