Sugar and Spice

A Safe Environment For Kids OF All Ages

"Sugar And Spice , Bringing You Everything Nice"

Our Mission

The Sugar and Spice daycare service was formed with the intention to give busy parents a place to bring their kids. We care for kids as young as 3 months up to grade school. We help them with their education and social skills all the while having fun.


I Briana Harden am the entrepreneur of the Sugar And Spice daycare service


We teach your children basic fundamentals of learning to help them enter grade school. If they are in grade school currently they will be tutored. We also feed, change, and get the children to take naps.


We built our business on two acres of land in the suburbs neighboring a local park and candy store. We also use natural resources in order to maintain utilities in the daycare. Wood was used to build the daycare playground and the porch.


Our workers are put through training and tested with various scenarios before they work with your child. We also use top of the line equipment. We test our cribs and dining utensils every three months to ensure safety


Although there are people working for me, this is a sole proprietorship because I am the sole owner of the business. This works great because the business was easy to start up, I have full control of the business, I can end it easily, and I don't have to pay business taxes. Also I am the only one handling any money that is made.

The downside to being the only owner is I am subject to unlimited liability, I have limited access to resources, and limited business life.

If I were to begin a horizontal merger I feel as though my business would bring in more success because I would have my daycare and another daycare joining together to form a super daycare and squash the competition.