A Guide to Bunburying

By: Ross Newnam

Introduction to Bunburying

Bunburying is the act of creating an imaginary person and using this person to get out of unwanted events. Bunburying was introduced in Oscar Wilde's play The Importance of Being Earnest. In the play, Algernon and Jack are two of the main characters. Algernon creates an imaginary person named Bunbury. Jack also makes up a character name Earnest. Both Algernon and Jack use these characters to get out of things like family dinners that they don't want to go to and other unwanted events.

Preparation and Creation

The first step in bunburying is creating your imaginary person. To avoid complications, you should make this person live away from you. At the same time, do not make this person too far, because when you "visit" this person suspicions could be made about travel time. Decide on a name for this person that is a common name, like Jack, Kayla, or Sam. Next, in case someone needs to meet this person, create an image for him or her.

Introduce your friend

This step is crucial. If an event comes up that you do not want to attend, and suddenly introduce your imaginary friend, people could think you are lying. To introduce your friend the correct way, one night tell your friends or family you are going to your friends house, then say there name. If they ask questions about this person, describe him or her. It helps if you make this person nice and kind, but frequently ill. Do this once every week. When the time comes you will be prepared.

Go bunbury!

The last step is to This is where the work pays off. When you are asked to participate in an unwanted event, it is your time to shine. Explain your friend is quite ill and needs company or care. After you have done this go out and do whatever you please, go to the mall, store, amusement park, or even a friend's house. Depending on how much time the invited event is going to take, return to your home shortly after you think the event will be over. Reside for the night and wait for your next chance to bunbury.


Now you can do what what you want when you want when you bunbury. If done right bunburying is very useful. Make sure not to tell anyone this person that you made up is fake, or it could spread like wildfire and a friend or family could find out! Have fun bunburying!