My Health Survey

By James


I sent the survey to ten different people of various ages and genders, and everyone responded. I asked the questions using SurveyMonkey. I asked two people from my class, two grandparents, my mum and dad, a friend from another school, my uncle, my health teacher and my little sister. I chose the questions because they would give me a good idea of how healthy people are around me. I have surveyed a whole range of ages and genders so the results will be fair and don't have many limitations, but everyone surveyed lives around here.



I wasn't surprised because i made it even on purpose. 50% are male and 50% are female.


I wasn't surprised because i aimed for a whole range of ages. Most of the people are 11-44, and not many are 10 and younger.


40% Students

20% Teachers/Teacher Aide

10% Retired

10% Project Manager

10% Kitchen Designer

10% Engineer

Almost half of the people surveyed were students. There were also a couple of teachers.

Physical Activity

A lot of people spend 3-5 hours doing physical activity each week.

Fitness Level

Most people said they were reasonably fit. I was surprise that 20% said there fitness level was 3.


Almost everyone eats fruit 1-2 times a day. I am really surprised that someone doesn't eat fruit.

Sport Clubs

I was surprised that most people don't belong do a sporting. It's good to see that 30% belong to 2 sport clubs.

Health Issues

70% have no health issues or skipped the question

20% said they are old and stiff

10% have asthma

Over half the people surveyed have no health issues.

Support Network

Everyone said they have a good support network, which is good.

Overall Health

50% said there health was very good. I was surprised to see that 10% think there health level is fair.


Most of the people I surveyed were pretty healthy. Most people didn't belong to a sports club which is a bit of an issue. Also some people only do a couple of hours of exercise a week. The older people surveyed have more health issues than the younger people. But overall almost everyone thought there health was good to excellent.