LV Technology

By: Tucker

Typing web

  1. Every day we go to the website
  2. We spend 5 minutes typing for a warm up
  3. When you are done you go to what ever you are working on


  1. ITrailer you have to pick something that you do or what your hobby
  2. You have to put pictures and videos about what you do
  3. When you are done you have to have to share it to the class

Haiku Deck

  1. What you have to do the Haiku Deck on is your career
  2. You have to list facts and pictures on you project
  3. You have to put ten pages in the Haiku Deck

Explain Everything

  1. You have make a video and you have to pick a math problem
  2. You have to explain it and take i video well doing it
  3. Then you submit it to schoology

Career Locker

  1. In career locker it shows you how to run you own store
  2. Your counselor will come in and show you how to work this site
  3. Then you have to submit it to schoology


  1. Coding is web site it shows you how to program
  2. First you start out with angry bird coding then you go to higher levels
  3. Then when you get to a sir ten level you stop for the second quarter