All About Me

By: David Jarosz

I like sports.

My favorite sport is hockey and my favorite hockey team is the Philadelphia Flyers. My second favorite sport is basketball, and my favorite basketball team is the Miami Heat though. My third favorite sport is baseball and my favorite base ball team is the Philadelphia Phillies.

I like green.

Green is my favorite color. I never liked any other color more than i like green. Plus, green is the color of money. My favorite green thing is money. But i don't like salad even though it is greenish.

I'm part Italian.

I don't know know which parent i get Italian from, but my parents told me that I am part Italian. I don't know Italian words but i like Italian food. I don't know Italian words but that doesn't matter because i know that I am part Italian.

I like pizza.

Pizza is my favorite food. I used to always get pizza, since it's my favorite food. I even get pizza hot pockets, which tastes really good.

I'm part Polish.

I don't know much polish words, but i know how to say yes, no, and hello. I don't believe i had any polish food before. I also have a friend who is Polish, who told me how to say hello