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How To Find Out If Your Budget Is Right For Your SaaS Business

If you’re dreaming of a new product, or you’re a part of an early-stage startup, then you’re probably aware of the mountain that stands before you.

You’re equipped with the dream, the drive and the dollars to get things started. Your dream is solid. The drive feels like it’s going to be endless right now. But the dollars?

How many of them do you need?

Without them, your dream may not happen, and your drive could be for nought.

Let’s figure out how many dollars you need for your dream.

Calling Switzerland

I talk to entrepreneurs about entrepreneurialism as much as I do about effective design. I like to think that’s one of the reasons this agency is different from most — we act more like CCOs and CTOs than an agency.

This morning I had the pleasure of being connected with a lovely chap in Switzerland. Let’s call him Dave (I know, real swiss sounding.)

Dave’s a man with a vision for a huge new product. It’s a vision that’s going to change the landscape of his market. In his mind.

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