Does Yoga Have Positive Benefits?

Yes, yoga has many positive benefits!

What is Yoga?

Yoga first came about in India thousands of years ago. Yoga is a series of movements/poses that includes breath control, meditation, and stability of your body. Although some feel yoga can injure your body, there are many positive benefits.

Yoga can manage people's stress level.

  • According to WebMD, stress can be damaging to your health. It can cause back and neck pain, sleeping problems , headaches, or even drug abuse.
  • Dr. Nevins, a medical director of Amrit Davaa Wellness Center, said "when doing yoga on a regular basis, you can create mental clarity, calmness and an increase in body awareness."
  • Dr. Nevins also stated yoga relaxes your mind, and centers your attention, which can reduce stress.

Yoga helps people breath better.

  • In "Dr. Oz's Guide to Yoga," Dr.Oz stated that In one day, people sometimes never get to take a deep breath.
  • One major practice of yoga is to take a deep, belly breath through the nose.
  • Dr. Oz also explained by doing this deep breathing, people are bringing nitric oxide from the back of the nose into the lungs, which dilates arteries to bring more oxygen into the body.

Yoga increases the body's physical strength and health.

According to WebMD:

  • When doing movements/poses, yogis will build muscle strength by moving their own body weight instead of standard dumbbells or weights.
  • Yoga can prevent injuries because your stretching your muscles- many times athletes forget to stretch before or after physical activity.
  • Back pain sufferers who did two 90-minutes yoga classes a week for about 6 months decreased soreness by 56 percent, a study in Spine shows.
  • Yoga increases flexibility because people are positioning their bodies in ways that they don't normally do.
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Yoga Statistics

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