Friday Coffee Chat

Friday April 29, 2016

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Call me crazy?

SO grateful that someone made this statement to ME!

And that someone made this statement to YOU!

Have YOU offered the same compliment to any lately?

Fun, fashion and flexible-- our Stella & Dot gig is truly the best around. Don't forget that there are 2 days left to make April EXTRAORDINARY!

I have a total of 3 things to think about today!

  1. Sign up special ends tomorrow night! Who can you reach out to and follow up with?
  2. Get your booking headbands on because brand new MAY shows will be getting some fun perks starting Monday. Take this hint as your heads up to start warming up and booking new shows!
  3. Be sure to sell $500+ pqv by tomorrow night. Why should you sell $500+ in April?

  • Earn your $200 for $69 style fix coupon!
  • Complete month 1 to earn the $500 for $99 coupon!
  • Earn the Extraordinary bracelet!
  • Earn Cake by the Ocean raffle!
  • Unlock business supply credits!
  • Earn $125 in commissions!

Reach out for any help!




Pamela Meester

Erin Veinot

Holly Morgan

Angie Dorey

Gina Bogda

Elizabeth Haggie

Gail Cushing

Taylor Hanley

Danielle Christopher

Nandini Collins

Leslie Saunders

Scottina Jackson

Lassie Pappas

Jennifer Hibshman

Rebecca Holmes

Amy Keough

robyn hollohan

Beverley Heptinstall

Natasha Boyd

Carine Doody

Lynette Mulley

Kathryn Summers

Dana Fellows

Patti Lundrigan

Gretchen Mcdonel

Denise Daunt

Samantha Dorf

Sarah Strickland

Terri-Lynn Babstock

Heather Rogers

Karen Parks

Janine Stanley

Janine Byrne-Budgell

Britani Forbes

Nicole Dilger

Terri Wilson

Shanna Joudrey

Amarea Greenlaw

Stacey Floris

Cheryl Fougere

Jennifer Spurrell

Nicole Carcano

Stephanie Batt

Katina Byram

Stephanie Crossland

Violet Radziwon

Natasha Cadigan

Susan Power

Tara Williams

Amy Vincent

Julia Fraser-Chaubey

Lisa Anderson

Stephanie Titzel

Jaime Rhymes

Cindy Donaldson

Denika Andrews

Need tips for grabbing last minute sales to reach your goals?

Head to our team Facebook page and look for this image on the PINNED POST. Loads of ideas, examples and words to say to grab more month end sales!

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Welcome to our BRAND NEW STYLISTS this week!

  • FELICIA OSMOND of Gander NL welcomed by Robyn Hollohan

  • ANNA HALL of Middletown, PA welcomed by Samantha Jacoby

  • PATTI HOLT of Edmond, OK welcomed by Holly Morgan

  • ANDREA CANERS of Calgary, AB welcomed by Sheri Raines


Ending tomorrow night, Saturday, April 30th, a new Stylist can earn $750 in FREE accessories just by signing up! At the same time, YOU the Sponsor can earn an extra $100 in FREE accessories!

Think you are too new? NOPE! Think you don't know enough? Doesn't matter. I sponsored my first stylist on day 2 of joining. We figured it out together and our upline trained us together!

Here’s how it works:

A new Stylist gets $450 in product credit immediately upon sign up

  • that’s $100 extra!


  • When a New Stylist hits Quickstart (1000 PQV in the first 30 days) they get $300 in Product Credit
    • that’s $100 extra!
  • That new Stylist also earns at least $250 on their Little Blue Card from commissions!


  • As the Sponsor, you get $100 in product credit when your New Stylist hits Quickstart!

There has NEVER been a better time to SHARE THIS SDJOY!

Why would you want to grow your team?

* WAY more fun with a friend

* Learn the biz together

* Enjoy the feeling of team spirit

* Feeling of accomplishment helping others

* Being a leader is fun and inspiring

* Split your display with a friend or neighbor

* Layer your income

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Just like booking, we follow these 3 steps!

1- Build your list of WHO you think could enjoy Stella & Dot. This list DOES not just include women who have said, "Hey-- I am interested!" That would be entirely too dreamy if that was the case. Think outside the box-- customers who love our brand, past hostesses, women where Stella & Dot could be a solution for them (earning extra $$, guilt free girl time, the total fashionista, etc). The options are endless!

2- Warm her up (ideas to warm up are a text, email, private FB message)

3- Follow-up (ideas to warm up are to call her, text again, message, etc). I am using the below image to follow-up. Here are the words to say that I am using

  • Happy Friday! Checking in as I know you are debating hopping on as a Stylist. Ready to jump on board? Our amazing special ends tomorrow! Signing up takes just a few minutes then we can connect to get you started. Let me know what you think!
  • Happy Friday! Wanted to connect as our amazing sign up special ends tomorrow! I know you would have a blast being a stylist and am excited to help you get started! What do you think?
  • Happy Friday! 2 days left for Stella & Dot's sign up special. You are still on my mind as someone who I know could love this and thrive at it! You around to chat?
  • Happy Friday! Hope you are well! Call me crazy, but not sure you would ever consider joining Stella & Dot?!? We have an incredible sign with bonuses ending tomorrow and you keep coming to mind as someone who could love this. No worries if no way-- take it as a compliment. But maybe you would like to chat?

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Month end KUDOS will be celebrated next week!

Have questions? Need help? Want to chat?

Let's set up a time! I am here to help YOU make April AMAZING! Contact me!

xo, Gina Bogda, Director

Heart of Leadership Director and Founding Leader of the incredible Gem Fatales Golden Gems Team! We are an international team of Stella & Dot stylists who support each other in person and in our virtual board rooms! It's good to be a Golden Gem!