Mission Statement

By Courtney Edwards

I Believe

-I believe that in life you should follow your dreams and commit to them.

-I believe That you should stand up for yourself.

-I believe that the world is filled with lots of opportunities and that you should take upon them

Short Term Goals

-One short term goal i have for myself in the 10th grade is to make straight A's.

-One long term goal I have is to become either a n OB/GYN or a famous singer.


- One high expectation i have as far as academic success is to graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill and to go back for my masters.

- One high expectation I have as far as academic success is to graduate the early college and from UNC-Chapel Hill and go back to get my masters.

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My Lifetime Goals

- In my lifetime I would like to have graduated college at UNC-Chappel Hill.

- I would also like to see myself with the profession of an OB/GYN.

-Lastly I would like to see myself married with kids and happy with my life and all of my accomplishments.