By; Kinsey Ison

Country basics

Name; Israel

Capital; Jerusalem

Flag history : A white flag with blue at the top and bottom with the Star Of David, it was adopted on October 28,1948 to reflect the Jewish prayer shawl


In Israel they have the parliamentary system

The leader is Benjamin Netanyahu

In Israel they vote for a leader

Everyone has the right to have a passport.

Military service is legally mandatory for virtually all citizen.

money system

The money system they use is Israeil New Sheqel

Israel is rich but the citizen do not make much.

Imports and Exports

Israel exports diamond, pearls, and other precious metal/stone

Israel imports oil and other mineral fuels.


They war of independence. The people have freedom

The Lebanon war. Peace is always the right answer

Compare and contrast

Food; We might have chick-fl-a in Israel they do not

Food; We both have home cooked meals

Clothes; We both wear normal clothes

Clothes; The price is different