The Printing Press Impact

Devila Jock

The Impact of Movable Type Printing Press

In 1450 there was a population of one Printing Press in Europe. By 1500 there was a little over 200 in the continent. Through these years, Printing Press' cycled around Rome and Italy.

The Printing Press and Its "Impact" on Literacy

The advent of the Printing Press may be described as a major significant event in mankind history, in terms of greatest impact on literacy. The concept of printing was first conceived and developed in China and Korea. The Printing Press allowed, democratizing of knowledge as a greater number of individuals were provided access to more information.

The Diffusion of the Movable Type Printing Press

Not many books existed from the time tho Printing Press was invented. When the Printing Press took off it caused the price of reading materials and documents dropped. When the middle class could afford reading materials, the common people now had to drive to learn to read and seek knowledge, this led to birth of culture and the high demand for books in differenet languages.

The Printing Press and its Impact on Literature

Th Printing Press and its Impact on Literature. Literature is a big deal, it helps people in times of need and want, bring smiles to many peoples faces, it could possibly make someones day or even week better, so when the Printing Press was invented it caused a lot of more people to need and want books. The Printing Press did not have any immediate effects on peoples lives, over the next few decades as more information through the written word was accessible and disseminated, technology advanced mass literacy.