Netiquette Available

Nathan Volgmann Hour 9

Personal Information

  • Never put personal information on your Facebook account
  • Don't put your phone number on the internet so you don't have a creep calling you
  • Don't even put your number in a private conversation


  • Start off with the persons name your sending it to
  • End off with your name in case the person you send it to doesn't know your email
  • Never put everything in caps
  • People will think you think that your yelling at them

Twitter and Facebook

  • Don't update your status on Facebook every second of the day
  • It's ok to update your status as much as you want. Just don't update it too much

Some fake Facebook profiles

Guarenteed to be stalked if you put selfies on the internet

Facebook Selfies

  • Don't take a lot of selfies and post them on Facebook
  • People can stalk you if you post selfies and everyone knows you don't want that