Counselor Corner - Weekly Update

September 7th - September 11th

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Week 4: Perseverance

Teaching students about perseverance is rooted in helping them see a certain perspective about all things, not just school! Talking with students about how to keep going when things get hard is essential helping them build resiliency and coping when something doesn't turn out like we wanted. Perseverance can be found in sports, school, artistry, and many other places in our lives.

Let's help our students by modeling behaviors and responses to situations in our daily lives. Share this picture and video with your students to start your conversations!

Big picture
Build Character Build Success: PERSEVERANCE

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If at any time during the weeks we are out you feel that your child could benefit from chatting with someone from our Student Services team - Mrs. Morrison - School Counselor & Mr. Scholle - School Social Worker - please let us know! We are happy to chat with students as a check in on any anxieties they may be feeling or other issues that are affecting them socially or emotionally. You can email me directly at or Mr. Scholle at

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