Lovely Dublin

Home of Guinness

Why you should come

IF you love a nice drink or a beautiful view, Dublin, Ireland is just for you.
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Where is it

It's in the central western part of Ireland, it's west of the Irish sea, It's north of Wicklow national park, and it's west of Dublin bay. If you are still having trouble finding Dublin here is its Absolute location, 53.3478 degrees N and 6.2597 degrees W. Some more information on were it is again, Dublin is in the province of Lenister, The country it is in is The Republic of Ireland, finally it's content is Europe.
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What's in Dublin

Dublin has many wonderful places like Dublin bay and Bull Island. More places to visit are Lenister house (a government building), Dublin castle (one of the few castles in Ireland), Dublin port tunnel, Dublin air port, one of the 666 licensed pubs as of 2014 (the oldest one being The Brazen Head), lastly you could visit the Trinity College (were Bram Striker graduated). Those were just a few of the many places to visit in Dublin.
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Human and Environment Interactions

Some of the human interactions the people of Dublin have done are, fishing, made bridges and roads to travel faster around the area, they've mad buildings to house people and businesses, but sadly they've also cut down trees to expand the area of Dublin and have polluted upper Liffey lake but they have been working on fixing these problems.
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Main Exports and Imports

Their main exports are: Machinery equipment, computers, guinness, chemicals, medical devices, medicine, and animal products.

Their main imports are: Electrical machinery components, fuel, motor vehicles, and food products.

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Now that you've learned about Dublin remember to come and visit!
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