Task 1

Explain the personal attributes valued by employers

Specific Skills

Technical knowledge: This is very important for the personal attributes and having technical knowledge as an employee is really important as when you’re working within a big company, you always will see technical difficulties and the employers always engage staff who have ability of solving the technical problems and that they can succeed it. This is one of the main important attributes that are valued by employers at the work and Another reason why this is much valued by employers is because now a days, most of the work at companies is based on computers and this is why they want employees who are multi-skilled.

health and safety: health and safety are very important in any industry as it concerns the health and safety of employers and employees. IT department will be worried with things like stress, back and neck pains, headaches, eyestrain etc.

Back and neck pain- There are many people that have pains in their neck and back. This come during to working long hours on a computer with wrong sitting position. One way of reducing this would be to enjoy chair that adjusts to your needs. You can move the seat up or down depending on the level of the desk you are sitting at.

Stress- This is another cause of long working hours in front of a computer. It is suggested to take breaks in between the work that you are doing on the computer so you do not get too stressed.

Headaches and Eyestrain- Long hours in front of a computer screen will cause headaches and eyestrains come during working in dark light with head being really close to the screen. The best solution is this is to keep your head couple of inches away from the screen, have little breaks in between work which will help a lot.

working attitude: this is also very important for the personal attributes by employers that order to do well at you work place and you need to make sure that you go there with a good working attitude which would be much valued by the employer you’re working for. Having good attitude towards your work keeps you motivated and helps you keep up the good work and if you are unhappy with the work you’re doing and have a negative attitude towards your work or job, you will not be motivated which can cause many problems for you and the company you’re working for. This can also lead you to get fired out of work. This is the reason why employers look for people who are interested at their job and have a good working attitude as some people just work to make money which the employers are not looking for.

General attributes

Planning skills:this very useful for employer and Being able to come up with a blueprint of the ideas you have come up with. You can also use other skills to come up with these ideas, e.g. Brainstorms.

Organisational skills: you have to be to keep everything arranged into the right places and not having a lack of attention for example a shopkeeper would require to keep his drinks and foods in different groups.

Time management:Time management is being able to take manage of your time and how your spend it. Splitting it up between specific activities, work, big tasks or even many little ones and it is done mainly to increase efficiency productive and quality or work within a business or company and also time management can be create using skills such as self control, setting personal goals, being able to priorities certain tasks and also finding a good balance between work and free time, as both are needed.

Time working:This is when a group of people work together by making decisions and sharing ideas on what can things be improved and how can they improve it and it is really important in the IT department as it shows the employer that it is ability to cooperate with others in your team without any issues.

Verbal skills: Verbal skills are also to able to communicate clearly and specifically with the person you are talking to for example a teacher would need to have this attribute as it is important that they are capable of communicating with the students with no issues. This is technical attribute as a person is able to make improve their verbal skills by practicing and reading which would expand their vocabulary and improve their grammar.

Written communication skills: you need to be good at writing letters for example if you are not good at skills for writing then it can make you that you can not get a job while you do not have skills for writing

Numeracy: all jobs want to employ a person who has a good level of numeric skills and This is essential and there are many reasons for it such as calculation and this is really important as the calculations have to be accurate. It is also important as if you want to work for job you must at least be able to use a calculator and to check your working by estimating the answer. You will also come across times where you have to analyse a data and this is when you numeric skills will be tested. This is much valued by the employers as they know that the staff they are recruiting have a good knowledge of all subjects including maths.

Creativity: involves the ability to find solutions to problems using your creativity, reasoning and past experience along with the available information and resources


Determined: This is when both the employer and the employee make important decisions within the job. The employer will have make decisions on who to employ and what skills they have etc. The employees will have to satisfy the employer with the decisions they make when working for them.

Independent: it is when someone works on their own to get their work done with no ones help. When an employer employs a new person, they will look at the skills that you have to see if you satisfy their needs. IT department will look at independent working which is important as it gives the employer a understanding on how you work on your own.

Integrity: this is what employers want from employees such as honest and sense of duty and respect. every employers will looking for employees that are punctual and do not take anything from the company.


You must have this skill in order to stay calm and talk nicely, because there are some points where you will get fed up with things, but you have to be tolerant with the customers and make them understand the different situations calmly. If you start getting angry and shouting at them, than it will get worse, and it wont do good to the business. The way to solve things would be to have a calm conversational tone.

Dependable:This is when the employer counts on the employees to do what is required for the job. Also is when the owner trusts the workers with certain activities such as being ready for work on time and completing all the tasks asked for the day. It can include helping others when you’re done with your tasks, to make the employer satisfied. It displays your enthusiasm to work.

Problem solving:This is when the employees undertake a certain problem and resolve it by working on it. It is really important in the IT department as it shows the employer that his/her workers do everything to solve the problem and find the best solution.

Leadership: this is also very important to be a good leader your need to show certain aspects to people. You need to be fair to people and give them a chance and don’t overload them or expect too much to early. However at the same time you have to expect certain standards from them, especially in big businesses or people in important positions. Also whilst trying to be nice to people and making sure people respect you for good reasons and wanting to work under you, you have to make sure that people do not abuse this and use your fair side against you.

Confidence:This may be done for several reasons but the main one is to be able to faces challenges in future life in order to achieve your goals. However, over confidence is something which is disliked by everyone including employers and over confidence also leads to arrogance. This may create many problems such as if your over confident, you are not tend to think things through carefully enough while planning your strategy which may cause a lot of problems at some point. So confidence is something which all employers want to see in their employees and a very much valued by them.

Motivation:This is where someone has own concern about achieving something and is well motivated by himself or herself without the continual influence of anyone else telling them what to do. This is really important to any employers as it shows that you have own passion and determination to do the work.