Mice and Men



Lennie's love of petting soft things, such as small animals, dresses, and people’s hair, leads to disaster.

"I remember about the rabbits, George." Chapter 1

Lennie has good intentions but things don't seem to work out for the best when he does stuff.

Lennie kills Curley's wife

Lennie went back and looked at the dead girl. The puppy lay close to her. Lennie picked it up. "I'll throw him away," he said. "It's bad enough like it is." Chapter 5

After George finds Curley's wife dead

When all the men come back from town they find her dead on the floor of a barn. But before that George sees Lennie first and they go on to have this conversation.

Lennie said, "George."


"I done another bad thing."

"It don't make no difference," George said, and he fell silent again.

Chapter 6