Iron Inc.

Keep Calm and Iron On

We sell fresh, homemade... Iron!

It is very important to the G Team to make sure that their iron is clean and original. Where else can you buy homemade iron?

Costs and Shipping

Types Of Iron

The G Team provides three types of iron; chunky, regular, and smooth. The chunky is less grinded while the smooth is very fine. The regular is a mix between the two and all have good quality.

Sizes Of Iron

The iron comes in three different sizes; Small, Medium, and Large. The size that you order depends on how much you need.
Small- $1.00

Medium- $2.00

Large- $3.00

Shipping Cost- $1.00

*If chunky or smooth iron is wanted cost is $0.50 more


To order iron please contact who will immediately notify the G Team of your order. If you are or know of the G Team's email, you may email the G Team directly.

Thank you for considering buying iron from Iron Inc. and we hope you enjoy our coal.

About The G Team

iron Inc. is run buy a family company, the G Team, and is very family friendly.