Chrome Extensions

A simple icon can make your life SO much easier!

What are Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome Extensions are browser extensions that modify the Chrome browser. In this course you will learn how to access the 'chrome extension store', download a chrome extension and how to use it to help make your life easier. I have my top 11 favorite chrome extensions for you to try out! The BEST part is that your chrome extensions can follow you from your work computer to your home computer because it based on your log in information...I love technology!
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Chrome Extension Challenge # 1

1. Click HERE to access the 'Chrome Extension Directions'

2. Download all 11 extensions from the list (+ 1 Bonus APP!)

3. Watch the 'How to Install and Remove Google Chrome Extension' video if you need additional help

List of Extensions:

1. Google Drive

2. Google Shortener

3. Print Friendly

4. Google Dictionary

5. One Tab

6. Clipular

7. Speak It

8. Improved Tube

9. Copy All URLs

10. 1-Click Timer

11. Tab Resize

12. Google Keep (App)

How To Install and Remove Google Chrome Extensions - Google Chrome Tutorial

Chrome Extension Challenge # 2

1. Pick THREE extensions that you would like to work with (your top 3!)

2. Send me THREE screen shots of you using it in your classroom in either a word document or google document

3. Attach all three pictures in an email and send it to me with the email title, 'Chrome Extension Challenge # 2'.

How do I capture a screenshot?

1. Click the button, 'Print Screen' or 'PrtSc'

How to Take a Screen-Shot on your Computer