Falcon Flyer

Volume 2 - September 16, 2022

Falcon Flyer 9.16.22

Student Highlights

Lucas Gross

Congrats to Lucas for doing an awesome job selecting his number and making his lunch choice!
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Spanish Club, FFA and the Dunn family

Spanish Club and FFA had a joint fundraiser on Monday, September 5th selling sweet corn at the high school. We are very proud of our 25 students who participated in the event. The clubs were able to sell 191 dozen ears of corn! We also wanted to thank the members of our community who supported us by coming to buy corn. A big shout out also goes to the Dunn family who donated all of the corn, and to Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Kellogg for their time and effort coordinating the event!
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Mrs. Jensen couldn't be more proud to be the teacher of her three musketeers during guided reading! Keep up the great work boys!

Junior High Football Gives Back

SWEDEN VALLEY — Todd Wetzel, Coudersport Junior High School football coach, and Ian Creech, assistant coach, felt it was a good idea one day for their team of seventh and eighth-graders to pay it forward by doing some community service.

And so, they collectively went into brainstorming mode, creating an event that will hopefully gain enough in popularity to take place four times a year.

The coaches’ idea was presented to the team and their parents with everyone in agreement.

Fill all of the birdfeeders at Sweden Valley Manor. But first, the parents had to pool some of their money together and buy birdseed.

And those players and parents happily obliged on Friday, Sept. 9.

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Teacher Highlight

Tonya Andrus

Mrs. Andrus is a reading specialist at the elementary school who works with students in grades K-6. She has been an educator for 23 years and spent 20 of those years here in Coudersport. Mrs. Andrus is a cancer survivor. She loves to read and wants to instill that love of reading in all students. She likes that the students at Coudersport are friendly and she appreciates that our community is always willing to jump in and help those in need in any way.
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Nicholas Klepfer

Mr. Klepfer teaches 7th and 8th grade science at the high school. He has been teaching for 20 years and has been a falcon for 18 of those. He loves to travel and go on adventures with his family and loves Notre Dame football. Mr. Klepfer says that students at Coudersport are good and kind. He has always been impressed by their character. For as long as he has been a part of the Coudersport community, there has been a huge amount of caring for each and every member of the community. People who live here truly care about each other, which is always evident when one of it's members is in need.
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Student Writing Samples

Amelia Thompson - Kindergarten

Amelia listened to the story, "School Day" and remembered her favorite part of the story.
At first, Amelia was hesitant to sound out the word "bus" but she did it correctly and wrote it on the line. Her illustration matched the sentence.
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Michael Wright - Kindergarten

Making a list of the Days of the Week at the writing center.
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Support Staff Highlight

Brenda Rudd

Mrs. Rudd has spent 15 years in education and all of them have been here at Coudersport. She lives with her husband, Dan and two of her daughters, Kristen (22) and Lauren (20). Before becoming the high school secretary she worked as a substitute teacher in Coudersport. She loves how the student body always comes together to cheer each other on. Mrs. Rudd says "It's so warming to be at a game and see and hear the excitement." She also loves how the students go out of their way to make our special needs students feel like they are a part of the student body. Mrs. Rudd also appreciates being a part of a community that seems to go out of their way to always help a neighbor in need.
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Instructional Success

Spud Growers FFA Leadership Team - Mrs. K ellogg

The Spud Growers FFA Leadership Team travelled to Sinnemahoning State Park on September 8 to participate in the Leadership & Environmental Education Day. The leadership team worked together to to build skills in teamwork and communication. They had the unique opportunity to tour the like, via kayak, and learn about the ecosystems, wildlife, and water quality. Students were also able capture migrating monarch butterflies, record the tag code, tag date, gender of the butterfly, and geographic location then tag and release them. At the end of the tagging season, these data are submitted to Monarch Watch and added to a database to be used in research.
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Chief Phelps and Canine Jay

Thanks to Chief Phelps and Canine Jay for speaking to the animal and veterinary science class about animal uses in society!
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Act 80 day - Monday, September 19, 2022

Monday, Sep. 19th, 8am-3pm

698 Dwight Street

Coudersport, PA

On an act 80 day students are not in school and teachers and staff have an opportunity to participate in professional development.