Blood cell analogy

By:Naivil and Mandeep


Erythrocytes: Red blood cells, responsible for transport of nutrients and gases to tissues in the body.

Analogy #1

Jobs: Some of the jobs that relate to this topic are the people that drive trucks and the people who are in the shipping and exporting business. Why is this? They relate to blood cells because they are the people who deliver the food, water and necessary needs for the people in a country/city.

Analogy #2

Departments in Canada: The department the closely represents this cells is the department of transportation. It represents this because the department of transportation is in charge of transportation of things through out the country as so are the Erythrocytes and it relates to them sine both are inch are of transporting things across the body/country.


Thrombocytes: involved in the blood clotting process

Analogy #1

Jobs: Plumbers represent the Thrombocytes because they are both needed to fix fluid leak wether it is in the human body or not. The plumbers are there to fix the leaking pipes and making sure it stops leaking so no more of that fluid is coming back out, just like the Thrombocytes with the blood.

Analogy #2

Department: This relates to the the pipelines which is a part of the department of Natural Resources. This department is in charge of fixing leaks in pipelines to make sure none of the harmful substances are not being put into the environment, but to make sure it is safely transported.


B-Lymphocytes: Attaches to nucleus and kills it, responsible for humoral immunity and transplant rejection.

Analogy #1

Water treatment plant workers: This is closely related to B-Lymphocytes because the water treatment plant workers work to remove wastes from the water and make sure it is clean. So the waste can be referred to as bacteria and viruses which B cells work towards killing.

Analogy #2

Department: The department that is closely related to this is the department of Public safety and emergency preparedness because police is in the department and this department works towards protecting the people in the country from criminals and recognizing criminals. This relates to B cells because they are responsible for immunity inside the body but they play a smaller role, the main objective of them is to recognize bad cells.


mature and develop in the thymus gland. antibody protection

analogy #1

the military since just like the t Cells they must first train/ develop themselves in order to to their job. they also are in charge of protecting their land similar to the idea that t Cells also protect antibodies.


Department: national defence since just like the t Cells their job is to protect their land or people similar to the process that T-cells protect the antibodies.


Clean up/munch on dead tissue and cells.


recycling plants. they are in charge of finding material that can be crushed p and reused. the Monocytes clean up so that our body isn't full of dead material similar to how the plants recycle to make sure the amount of waste being sent to the dump is being reduced.


Department: environment and climate change. this one is in charge of making sure our use of waste material is kept to a low. similar to the cells they are making sure our land(body for the cells) are not being covered in waste. the cells clean up by munching on it while cities choose to munch on it in a different way( the burning of garbage)


Increase healing of allergies


Doctors act very similar by working trying to heal or solve a problem to the system( in the cells case the system on the body).


Department: health because similar to the cells they to must also must work as a healer to problems in the system.


fight off parasites


pest exterminators are in charge of removing pest from households or any building. similar they do this to make sure the place stays safe just like how the cells fight them off to keep the body safe from foreign disease.

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the first responders in the system. the first cels to attack an acute infection.


the best example for this would be EMS. EMS are always the first responders to a problem within a persons body. they are also the first people to help when a person they are faced with a sickness that could be sudden similar to the a acute sickness.


Department: public services and procurement Canada because when it comes to first responders to personal problems ( homeless, poverty, etc...) public services are the the first to help. the police are also a part of the department who are also the first responders and the first to attack a sudden problem that arises.