One of the 13th Colonies

Who are we?

John Smith our leader helped us break away from the Church of England to prevent Religious persecution. We have lived here for a year, and we have developed schools, a system to catch fish for food which allowed us to prosper. Now being where we are we are able to practice religion our own way, and create a place for others who believed as they did to live and worship with them. The Massachusetts colony is mostly flat, there is low hills, lakes, streams, and rivers, and because of that the land has become rich and fertile, for our cattle and our agriculture, because of our agriculture, growing corn and other vegetables we had enough food for our families and a surplus for local trade, which allowed us to make money. We also got hide from our cattle, and collected near by timber to trade, which allowed for a surplus of money. We used that surplus of money to start a shipping industry, and to use the ports along our coast. Our colony is based off of a theocracy, and our rulers are ministers who received their power from God. You can also vote if you are a white man and very loyal to the church, and you had to own some land. The voters get to elect ministers, the ministers make laws for religious and moral beliefs.
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What do we have to offer?

  • We have fertile soil
  • We have plenty sources of water
  • We have Major Industries: Agriculture (Fishing, Corn, Livestock), Manufacturing
  • The land is mostly flat, and does not have to many hills
  • We have friendly Native Americans to help during the winter
  • We have many job opportunities available
  • We have religious freedom
  • We have good little puritan children