Diary entry

Ellie in Tomorrow When the War Began


I'm going o be writing about the perspective of the main character in the novel "Ellie" this is because people need to know how she was feeling when she was going through the war and having her parents missing.


Ellie is the main charcter in the book and the movie. In the novel, when i come back from camp i feel like i just need to go home because i just have this feeling in my heart that there is something wrong from the planes that were in the sky the second day we arrived at Hell. When i arrive at home i see my dog dead and thats when my heart starts beating really fast like a bomb just hit me. I ran inside to see who is in the house but there was know one inside. No internet conection, no electicity and no phone lines. So we all stayed toget6her as agroup and went to check the neighbours houses but still there was no one to be founmd. We arrived at kevins house and saw the showground thats over looking his house has lights, so i thought to my self that i just needed to go there and find out whats going on. I arrived there with my gruop of friends and saw the people