Camp Autism

Were we can help you

About my camp:

My camp treats AUTISM children. The importance of my camp is that every child with AUTISM get help. We will have lots of games and activities for the children to play. There will also be a time were the children learns and get help. The camp will also be an over night camp for one month. So come out to my camp and have lots of fun!!!

What to bring:

The only thing you need to bring is extra clothes for when we swim, and because you will be staying over night, and also some shoes no sandles because we will be hiking, and playing outside. We will provide dinks, food, and supplies for the children.

Cost of the camp:

For every children that is broght will be:

Per day: $20

Per week: $140

Things we do at our camp:

When we begin:

Monday, June 10th, 8am to Friday, July 12th, 8am

2629 Garden Vally Road Tyler,TX 75702

Camp hours:

Children age:9-15

Daily Schedule:

Monday-Saturday:Over night



7:20-Flag Raising

7:30-Breakfast/Cabin Cleanup

8:55-Reading (First activity)

9:55-Coloring (Second activity)

10:55-Lesson Time (First Lesson)

11:45-Get Ready for Lunch


1:00-Rest Period

3:00-Snack Time

3:30-Scrap booking (Third activity)


5:20-Get Ready for Dinner


7:00-Evening Program

10:00-Shower & Evening Embers

10:15-Taps & Goodnight!