Weight Faux Paw

by Karigan Owens


In Oldham County, girls get catty and news travels fast. You want to be skinny? Don't come here! In Oldham County, the tables have turned; Cameron and friends have started a clique and to be included of must be over 175 pounds. Anorexia? Unheard of. Bulimia? Ridiculous. Angie and Taylor are under the weight limit but are striving to get in to Cameron's "it" group and have pushed theirselves into bad health because of the eating habits they have developed. While Angie is stuck at her weight, Taylor continues to grow and is able to get in to Cameron's group. Will she stick with her long time best friend, Angie? Or switch to the new and accepted group belonging to Cameron?


Angie Winstrom: the previous "popular" girl. The girl who is the perfect average size, beautiful, blonde and an all around good friend.

Taylor Blackford: Angie's best friend and right hand girl. Taylor stays true to her best friend until popularity gets involved, now whose side is she on?

Cameron Woods: the new "popular" girl. The beautiful Cameron weighs 180 pounds and is admired by all, which is how it should be, right?

Out with the old and in with the new!