Courage to Pursue by Lisa Blackmon

Motivational Speaker, Coach, Author & Business Woman

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Courage to Pursue by Lisa Blackmon

“Courage to Pursue” is a guide in which readers will experience how they can conquer the spirit of fear to turn their dreams into reality. Each part of this book encourages readers to move out of their comfort zone to find the courage they need to succeed.

“Courage to Pursue” encapsulates LisaB’s coaching and helps other to discover their God given purpose, create a action plan to make it happen and move forward in manifesting their dreams.

Lisa Blackmon is a Motivational Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Author & Business Woman.

Lisa Blackmon is a change agent. She believes in helping others discover the greatness within that will create the evolution of who they are meant to be.

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Courage to Pursue by Lisa Blackmon is a guided tour in practical advise. Lisa masterfully helps people get out of their own way, guiding them in becoming fully confident in knowing everything necessary to win at the game of life, they already possess inside. By the time one finishes this book, they’ll conclude that success is about being their best, and that alone will lead them to have the “Courage to Pursue.”

---Willie J. Parker, MD, MPH, MSc, Author, Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice

Because we live in a hectic, fast paced, and sometimes cruel world, we all need a source of inspiration and mentorship to achieve our goals in life. Attorney & Life Coach extraordinaire Lisa Blackmon provides practical and sound advice to get our “lives back on track” aiding each individual to fulfill their God given potential.

It is refreshing to read such a spiritually grounded, affirming, self-evaluative, and clearly articulated book for people of all professional and social backgrounds.

Attorney Blackmon’s professional and personal experiences serve as the foundation for the brilliant wisdom she shares throughout the book. Her much anticipated book is highly recommended to to all in search of career and personal motivation as well as guidance. Attorney Blackmon’s book is a must read It will pick you up and help you soar on the wings of success.

--- Dwayne A. Mack, Ph D. , Professor of History, Berea College

Carter G. Woodson Chair in African American History

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About the Author

Lisa Blackmon, Esquire is a proud mother, wife, and advocate of education, equity, and change. With more than twenty years of experience in the field of law, specializing in real estate and, probate she brings a vast amount of knowledge to each speaking platform or panel her presence graces.

Having an extensive personal real estate portfolio, she firmly believes in educating her clients, millennials, and all interested in real estate investing. Her no-fluff and candid approach to facing the fears of investing, makes her a highly sought-after presenter.

Her passion for seeing others establish generational wealth and increased self-confidence inspired her to further her professional development by the way of becoming a Board-Certified Professional Coach. Since, she has become a published author and launched the I am a LifeChanger movement.

Her impact has successfully inspired thousands to discover purpose, create and implement plans of action, and have the courage to bring to the world the gifts within.

She currently holds several positions of leadership in her community and local church. Integrity and humility are two attributes she vows to never dismiss.


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