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Sept. 13th-17th

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Back to School Night

Thank you to all our RS parents and guardians who were able to attend our Virtual Back to School Night this past week. If you weren't able to attend you can view the presentations by clicking the links below! Some grade levels experienced technical difficulties so the presentation they shared is linked instead!

Reminders from the Office

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Safety Patrol

Rising Star Safety Patrol began their stations last week. We have some 6th grade student leaders stationed outside and throughout the school during arrival and dismissal to support our students as they arrive and leave school. These students can be identified by their neon vests. We all greatly appreciate their leadership! Safety Patrol students get dropped off at the front of the school at 7:45 a.m. Thank you Mrs. Maleta for directing our safety patrol.

Reminder of No-Birthday Treat Guidelines

Our elementary school is implementing a “no birthday treats” guideline. This decision was made after much thought and discussion at the building and district level. There are a variety of reasons why we made this change, the main one being to coordinate with our district’s wellness policy on making healthy choices, in alignment with federal regulations.

Other rationale for restricting treats at school include the following concerns:

  • Allergies: Due to the increasing number of students with food allergies, schools have had to be extremely careful with any food items entering the school building. It is a safety issue and something that we need to take very seriously.
  • Promoting Healthy Lifestyle: The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in six school-age children are overweight; triple the proportion in 1980. The agency has projected that one in three children born in 2000 will eventually develop a form of diabetes linked to being overweight.
  • Equity: Some parents are not able to provide treats for their child on birthdays or special days because of financial hardships.

The purpose of this change is to assure a school environment that promotes and protects students’ health, well- being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating, physical activity and healthy choices. This change brings together current research to create guidelines that help us with healthy choices for all of our students. If you are interested in reading the district’s policy on wellness, it is available on the District website.

Classroom teachers will continue to recognize and celebrate children on their special day in special ways.

Thanks in advance for your flexibility and for caring about the health of our STAR students.


  1. Ask your teacher about a special “recess pass” and choose the main activity the class does at recess time.
  2. Bring in your favorite book and the teacher will read it to the class.
  3. Give a gift to the class, such as a book (write an inscription inside), a toy for the play area, or a game.
  4. Get a special crown to wear at school all day.
  5. Provide a special craft for the class that day.
  6. Decorate your desk with balloons for the day.

Panorama Survey

Attached below you will find a letter that explains the SMSD Panorama Student Survey.

At Rising Star our 3rd-6th grade students will complete the survey this week during school.

After reading the letter, if you have any questions feel free to contact us at the school.

Bus Information

Dear Parents/Guardians,

During the week of September 20, DS Bus Lines, the district’s transportation service provider, will implement roster checks in order to verify accurate counts of riders enrolled and receiving transportation services. For any student riders not yet registered for transportation, please note that parents will be contacted by school offices to arrange alternative (parent provided) transportation.

To register students for transportation, visit the DS Bus Lines website. You can contact DS Bus Lines at 913-384-1190.

For schools that offer regular education transportation, families who may qualify for free transportation should consider completing the online Household Economic survey (HES) located in Skyward (Online Verification Link). Please contact your child’s school office for assistance in completing this form.

Nurse Notes

If you or your student have symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and contact your school nurse for testing information. Symptoms to watch for:

o New loss of taste or smell

o Sore Throat

o Cough

o Shortness of breath

o Fatigue

o Headache

o Runny Nose

o Congestion

o Fever

o Chills

o Body/muscle aches

o Nausea

o Vomiting

o Diarrhea

Close contacts of positive COVID cases will receive an email with instructions for testing and return dates.

SMSD only accepts PCR tests for return to school/activities.

If your child is feeling sick please keep them home and call the school at 913-993-4500. This will help us keep everyone safe and well.


Kansas state law now requires two doses of the Hep A vaccine in order to attend school. I will be contacting parents this month regarding this if their child is not up to date.

All immunization requirements are due on Thursday, October 14th to avoid being excluded from school. I am missing several boosters for students. They may have been completed but I haven’t received a copy of them. If you are unsure if you have turned in all of your students' immunizations, please call me at 913-993-4510 or email me at

To avoid exclusion from school, all well child physicals are due by November 12th, 2021. I am missing several physicals. If you received your vaccines at your doctor’s office, usually a physical is done when the 5 year boosters are given. I need a copy of the physical and the best way to obtain the information is to call your doctor and request it. They will not release it to me without a HIPAA release signed by the parent and sometimes they still will not release it to me without the parent requesting it. Thank you so much for helping me obtain all the required documents of your child.

The following link will direct you to the state of Kansas and all required vaccinations for school.

Please let me know if you need any additional resources or help to obtain these records.

Grade Level Newsletters

Resources from Ms. Horn

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Things to Know

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Kansas Essay Contest

This essay contest is open to all Kansas students in grades 5 through 12 (high school senior). Essay responses must be completed by the student, but the form must be signed by a parent or guardian over the age of 18.

Submissions will be accepted from now until close of business on October 8.

Students must answer the following two questions:
1) What does the Kansas State Treasurer do? (50 words minimum)
2) If you had $1 million, what would you do with it? (200 words minimum)

Winners will be notified in early November, and will each receive $529 to invest in a new or existing Learning Quest 529 Savings Account designated by the parent or guardian.

Find out more and submit your essay HERE.

Join the PTA!

Did you know that the "P" of PTA, actually stands for Parent/ Guardian/ Grandparent/ Community Member/ Family Member? Anyone can become a member of the Rising Star PTA! Membership costs $8.00 for an individual membership (or $8.78 with online fee) and $14.00 (plus online fee) for a family membership. We are required to collect your phone number and email address when you sign up so the state doesn't think we're just making up people that don't exist. :o) Click here to sign up!

Membership fees go towards great things the PTA does like:

-Family Engagement Nights

-Teacher Appreciation (kindness cart, conference meals, teacher grants, etc.)

-Virtual Field Trips/ Assemblies for each grade level

The PTA holds two meetings in a year. This year, the meetings will be virtual. Our first meeting is coming up on the evening of September 14!

Once a member, always a member then once a member. You get to sign upeach new school year!

Sign up by September 30 to be entered into a drawing! You could win a $10 Gift card to Target or some free ice cream from Culver's!

Have Questions?

Our office staff members are: Mrs. Farr, Mrs. Bristow, and Mrs. Kopp. They are available over the phone or in person. If coming in person, a mask is required.

If you need assistance, please call us at (913) 993-4500. Mrs. Kopp is able to answer your questions in Spanish.

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