The Wednesday Wars

By Ms. Mueller

Heather Hoodhood (Character Analysis)

Heather Hoodhood is Holling's sister. She is a high school student in New Jersey. She likes to listen to music and she also likes Bobby Kennedy. She disagrees with her father often, and has big dreams. She even ran off to California with her boyfriend at the time, Chit! She is portrayed to readers as trapped, smart, and sensitive. Her relationship with Holling starts off rocky, but they end up being very supportive of each other by the end of the book.
Mickey Mantle footage

Mickey Mantle Footage (History/Research)

I chose a video featuring Mickey Mantle in various clips playing baseball. This video relates to the novel The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt because Holling had a negative experience meeting him. Mickey wouldn't sign Holling's baseball because he was wearing tights. While researching Mickey Mantle, I learned that he had a lot going on in his personal life, such as a rough life growing up and alcoholism. I can understand why he was portrayed the way he was in the novel. Mickey Mantle passed away in 1995.

Ceasefire of the Vietnam War (Setting/Plot)

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On December 1967, President Johnson called a ceasefire for the Vietnam War. This means no one could try to hurt anyone else during the holidays. I think this is the most important event in the novel because it was a historical milestone for the country at the time.

Holling's Individuality (ABCDE Paragraph/Theme)

(A) In The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt, one main theme is individuality. (B) During the novel, the protagonist Holling describes a lot of situations where he is different than others. He may not always like it, but Holling stands out from other people his age. (C) For example, he is the star of a play, the only 7th grader on the varsity track team, and has been on the front page of the newspaper twice. (D) Holling's individuality is sometimes sad, but also gives those reading it a chance to really get to know him and realize being yourself is for the best. (E) In conclusion, Holling's personal encounters and life events make the main theme of individuality exist in the novel The Wednesday Wars.